I love Islland-Bride

The bride can be as radiant as her diamond on the wedding day by considering the following bridal beauty tips:

Are those pre-wedding jitters causing acne? Clear skin is sometimes a luxury due to wedding stress. However, plenty of rest and a balanced diet can help curtail some of the problems.
... It's also wise to establish a daily routine of cleansing, toning and moisturizing. Consider having a professional deep-pore cleansing monthly and a hydrating facial about one week before the wedding day.

... Don't let too much makeup overwhelm your look - use just enough, not too much. Experiment in advance to see what you like. If a professional will be applying your makeup, get a preview done to help determine what will help you look your very best.

... Sleepless nights fraught with excitement and worry go with the territory. But a bride-to-be can remedy tired eyes naturally by making eye pads from sliced cucumber, chamomile tea bags or cotton pads soaked in ice water.

... Don't wait until the last minute. Consult with your stylist about four months before the wedding date to discuss hairstyles that will flatter you. Establish a hair care and conditioning regimen and stick to it.

... A short or medium-length is preferable for nails kept in top condition. Get a French manicure or use neutral polish for an elegant look.

... Weight can only be shed and kept off through healthy eating and regular exercise. A quick fix is not in order. Contact a health club about setting up an exercise regimen.

Topping it all off

... The engagement marks the beginning of the countdown toward your wedding day coif, say professional stylists. Decisions regarding hairstyle and the style of the headpiece should mesh early on. You should set up appointments long in advance with appropriate time allowed for cut and color.
... Not all stylists are comfortable working with headpieces, and that may include the one you've been going to for years. Ask for a recommendation at your regular salon keeping in mind you may be selecting a different look for your big day, and that may mean picking someone other than your usual stylist.
... Also decide if you're going to do your own hair for the wedding or if the stylist will be doing the honors, either at the salon or at your house. If it's the latter, set up the appointment well in advance, blocking out enough time to ensure a rush-free session. If you're going it alone, a good stylist will work with you in advance to get the right look. Then practice it, getting the routine down with the right products. If you want to experiment, do it early.
... Discuss the long-range game plan with your salon. Map out approximate times for cut and color appointments. It's recommended that your last color appointment be scheduled six to eight weeks before and your last cut two weeks before the big day. This also is a good time to start getting your hair into top shape with conditioning treatments, if needed.
... Next comes the headpiece, with more decisions. Do you plan to wear it the entire day, or do you want the option of taking it off for the reception party? That could make a difference in the hairstyle choice.
... Bring a photograph of the headpiece and dress with you to the salon as soon as you make the selections. You and your stylist can make sure your plans are on the right track, or if changes should be made.
... Your choice of headpiece, gown and hairdo should dovetail. Some experts say that the more elaborate the gown, the simpler the headpiece should be. Similarly, the more elaborate the headpiece, the simpler the hairstyle should be. Upswept styles, including the chignon and the French twist, are natural complements to dresses with Victorian-style necklines.
... The French twist, with a few tendrils left free, is ideal for dresses that have dramatic cuts that expose the back or shoulders.
... And finally, don't forget about your attendants. Talk to them about their hair plans too, perhaps even booking in the same salon, but with a different stylist.