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Moving With Children Here Are Helpfull Stress Reducing Tips For Moving With Children

When ever youre moving to a new home it can be so stressful on everyone involved, the homeowners, neighbors, the movers but moving is especially stressful on young children. Kids young and old often become upset when their daily routine is disrupted. Its expected that adolescent age children often fear the loss of friends and dread the idea of having to make new friends and meet new people in an unfamiliar school or neighborhood. But there are steps you can take to help alleviate fears and concerns in children and get them involved in the move.

First, communication is the most important tip anyone can make. Its important for parents to demystify the moving process by providing children with as much information as possible and allowing them to participate in decision-making discussions.

This will give children a sense of control and help relieve anxiety.

Again when it comes to communicating, you seriously need to discuss all the positive aspects of the new place your kids are going to have to adventure into. You know, try to tell your kids what it will be like at their new home. Obviously when it comes to school you need to work that one in as well.

Try to contact the school ahead of time and arrange for a tour so that the initial jitters can be conquered right away.

Second, if you have smaller school age children communicating with that age can be the most challenging. Try to make a game out of the whole thing.

I know the last thing you want to do is play games when you have so much to do yourself, but these are things that you can do as a parent that I feel is sort of your duty to help kids cope with the move. Its not that hard to make small things exciting. Allow kids to pack some of their own personal belongings.

This also gives kids some sense of control.

This can be very easy for you if you are using moving pods.

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