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Life Writing One Facet of Living an Enchanted Life - In writing THE ENCHANTED SELF, A Positive Therapy, I began writing about my past and experiences again, but this time looking for precious treasure: the positive parts of myself and my life.

Why Are Some People So Lucky In Life - So what do lucky people have that makes them lucky.

A Baby Shower is a Time For Everybody To Rejoice - The arrival of a baby is obviously a time for rejoicing and there can be no better way to mark this event than by arranging a baby shower.

The Five Pregnancy Complications That You Need To Know - While pregnancy is a completely natural event, there is always a chance that a problem or complication can arise.

What To Buy A Child On His Or Her Birthday - Children need to get just the right gifts each year for their birthdays.

Use the Word Imagine in Place of Want - Your Every Words Are Charged With Feeling That Manifests-Choose Them Wisely.

Do Not Use That Tone With Me - If the caller suspects there are other people at home they will cease the calls.

Do You Have Money Or Does Money Have You - Money is a tool.

Senior Dating Any Benefits To It - Internet dating is interesting for many seniors.

Is Water Damage Really A Part Of Life - Many of these storms never reach land, they just spin out to sea never to be heard from again, however recent memory shows just how disruptive a storm like Katrina or Andrew can be to the people who live and make their home along the coast.

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