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Is Water Damage Really A Part Of Life

For many of the residents up and down the Mississippi water damage is part of every day life, the natural flow of the river often brings its rain soaked water crashing over her banks and levees into unwelcomed territory. Every couple of years this type of flooding is endured by thousands, stranding families, stalling businesses and closing off the economic flow of goods and commodities down the great river. If you live in the southern states of Texas, Louisiana, Georgia and Florida, summer time brings with it hurricane season and the constant threat of flooding and devastation brought on by an average of 10-15 named storms a year. Many of these storms never reach land, they just spin out to sea never to be heard from again, however recent memory shows just how disruptive a storm like Katrina or Andrew can be to the people who live and make their home along the coast. After dumping torrential rain and blasting the cities with howling winds often in excess of 125 mils per hour, street lights, windows and roofs stand very little chance of surviving intact, utter destruction is left in the wake of these storms. Powerful storms are responsible for closing oil platforms, disrupting transportation; they have the potential to cut off the flow of crude oil to refineries, causing the price of oil on the spot market to jump affecting everyone by raising the price at the pumps.

Some weather experts predict such a powerful storm may well find it ways up the east coast and make landfall in New York City, take tropical storm Bertha, a storm that is now growing out in the Atlantic, and heading for the east coast, perhaps with a little higher surface temperature and the right conditions of wind shear, this storm would be a perfect contender for such a scenario. And, let's not forget about the average everyday water damage, the toddler that throws his toy car in the toilet, the tree root that finds its way into the sewage line, or the simple leaky roof. Yes, water damage is apart of life, it touches all of us in different ways, from directly disrupting our daily routines, too costing more money, flooding has been around for years and shows no signs of leaving anytime soon. Mr. Mark Decherd

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