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Best Fairy Tale Wedding Favors

You have already chosen a fairy tale theme for your wedding and you are now trying to put the pieces together to pull off the theme. You need some fairy tale wedding favors, decorations and invitations. Well, rest assured you have a lot of options out there as fairy tale wedding themes are very popular and you can find a lot of great ideas. Typically a wedding favor is a thank you gift that is given to all of your guests.

It acts as a thank you and a keepsake or memory of the event. Therefore you will want to tie the wedding favor into the theme as much as possible. So if you are having a fairy tale wedding theme then using a fairy tale wedding favor is a great idea.

When people think of fairy tale wedding the most common image is from Disney. For example one can not help but to think of the wonderful fairy tale of Cinderella. She is able to meet her dream prince after the ball by fitting into the glass slipper. It is hard for any true romantic to not love this fairy tale and want to portray the beauty and simplicity of a fairy tale in their own wedding. Fun Ideas for a Fairy Tale Wedding Favor * Anything to do with castles - Castles are often the most commonly thought of item for a fairy tale wedding. The great thing about castles is it does not go back to any one movie in particular but the whole theme of fairy tales.

* Glass slippers - This is obviously from Cinderella who wears glass slippers to the ball. Then at the stroke of midnight she rushes out of the ball to make it home before she turns back into her normal self as instructed by her fairy godmother. She drops the glass slipper and the prince finds it and sets our on a quest of sorts to find the beautiful women that he danced with at the ball. * Stage coaches - This is another favor that is from Cinderella.

Her fairy godmother takes a pumpkin from the small vegetable garden outside of Cinderella's house and turns it into a carriage for her to ride in to the ball. Ideas for Colors and Materials * Glass * Gold * White Most Common Items * Candles * Picture Frames * Bookmarks Any of the above items will work well for the purpose of a wedding favor. You can find tons of places online that sell already made fairy tale wedding favors. Or if you want to be creative you can try to make or even assemble your own fairy tale favors.

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