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The Vibrational Power of Your Beliefs Your Thoughts and the Law of Attraction

Let's put all of this together and see how your beliefs, the parasitic mind, and your energy impact your reality. Once more, let's look at your inner theater. You now have an understanding that the problems that you see on the screen aren't you, but rather objects outside of you.

So where do your beliefs come in to the script? Your beliefs are simply another object that you have experienced and put attention on and are now drawing into the action you are observing. Those beliefs are now driving the plot, the scenes, and the characters, the most significant being you and your actions. Notice how we didn't say that they were your beliefs. They aren't yours because they aren't originating from you.

Like all the other objects in the movie, they are from outside of you. They are, again, simply objects your parasitic mind has drawn into your consciousness from your experiences. But they are not you. Beliefs are powerful because of a universal truth that states that thought followed by action equals form. What you believe will manifest.

As you've seen, thought creates energy. Focused thought creates focused energy. Focused energy forms the world around you.

Your thoughts and beliefs create the experiences that you will have. Remember the saying, "Be careful what you ask for"? You can expand that to, "Be careful about the story the parasitic mind creates with your thoughts and beliefs"! The universe is poised and ready to respond to your thoughts, whether they are beliefs, doubts, desires, or requests. Good, bad, and ugly, you will get what you allow the parasitic mind to put up on your inner movie screen. That is because of a universal truth called the Law of Attraction, which states that energy attracts like energy.

To explain how energy attracts like energy, imagine a room full of people, each holding a tuning fork for a different note on the musical scale. You walk in with one that matches the C on the scale and cause it to reverberate. All of the forks in the room that match that C will begin to resonate. None of the other keys of the scale will respond. Like attracts like, whatever form the energy takes.

Due to the Law of Attraction, the thoughts you think ' the beliefs your parasitic mind focuses on ' generate energy, which attracts like energy, creating the life you are currently experience. Look at the people around you in your life right now. Most will look, think, and act in ways that resonate with how you perceive yourself at this point in time.

As you grow, some will fall away and others will come in to your life, based on what matches your energy. That is why the people in your life change throughout your life. As you mature and evolve, your energy changes and you attract new friends and acquaintances that reflect those shifts. If you are active, eat healthy, and are spiritually motivated, you are not likely going to bring people into your life who frequent fast-food restaurants, spend their evenings on the couch watching television, or who don't seem to be on a spiritual path. Your energies don't match. If you are paying attention, you can actually feel in your body a dissonance when you are with someone who isn't a vibrational match to your energy.

If the discord you feel by staying in the relationship is uncomfortable, you can make a change. The choice is yours. Unfortunately, most people wait until that dissonance is unbearable before they make that choice. Why? Because of fear, the most significant belief that stops people from creating change in their life.

Marilyn Schwader uses a unique blend of technology, e-commerce, communication, and spirituality to help her writing coaching clients create and market their work. To find more of her tips, resources, and a schedule of her webinars, teleclasses, and retreats, visit

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The Vibrational Power of Your Beliefs Your Thoughts and the Law of Attraction - Beliefs are powerful because of a universal truth that states: thought followed by action equals form.

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