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A Baby Gift Basket for the New Arrival

Do you have a baby shower coming up and you're wondering what to give for a present? An imaginative idea would be to give a baby gift basket. This can be a really cute alternative to a typical wrapped gift, and there's no end to the possibilities of what to include in your baby gift basket. You have a couple of options when choosing a baby gift basket. You can buy one that is already made up, packaged and ready to go from a store, or you can make your own.

Start from Scratch A baby gift basket is a fun and easy thing to do. First off, you'll need a large basket, either plain or decorated. Select a variety of small baby items, both practical and cute. They don't have to be expensive, so you can really make this an economical present. The time you spend on it will be the biggest factor.

Look for a basket in a soft color such as baby blue or white, or maybe a decorative one with a baby theme. You might want to choose a plain basket and paint it. Then line it with a receiving blanket.

For the centerpiece, choose a larger item such as a soft toy. Around it, arrange your other small items. These can be useful or just plain cute.

Look for foot jingles, rattles, soothers, and baby spoons. Or maybe try a bath-time theme. Include some bath toys, a hooded baby bath towel, baby shampoo, soap, and baby lotion. There are so many possibilities. To package your baby gift basket, get some clear cellophane to wrap the basket in.

You can also get gift basket bags that come in cute patterns. Tie it up with a large bow in a pastel shade, and add a greeting card. A Ready Made Baby Basket Another option is to purchase a baby gift basket that's already loaded with goodies and attractively wrapped.

This is a real time saver and you won't have to think up ideas. Gift baskets can be found at retail stores as well as online. The internet gift basket stores usually have a huge selection of charming themes, from Baby Einstein to cookie bouquets. Some come with the option of personalization. A baby gift basket is sure to thrill the new mom.

Loaded with cute and useful items, it will be appreciated for some time.

Do you want to make your own gift baskets? Kim Allarie publishes Kim's Basket Blog, a great source of gift basket ideas for all those meaningful events throughout the year.

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