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A Dream Come True Again and Again

You have your own unique dreams and visions and views of things to come. Some dreams are splashes and flashes you may not fully comprehend. Others may be as clear as you see with your physical eyes. Some arrive in your nighttime dreaming, remembered in the morning or days later. Others show up through processes like goal setting, meditation, writing or reading poetry, or conversations with others. A common expression in our language is "a dream come true," which usually means you are pleased or surprised that something you had hoped for or dreamed about has come to pass.

There are variations on this interpretation, but this basically captures the essence of what most people usually mean. After realizing a long-time dream, you might be unprepared for the emptiness or depression or aimlessness that comes from living without a goal or dream for the future. Unless, of course, you have begun a new dream. Without a new dream, you might become either complacent or agitated, without recognizing the reasons.

Perhaps you identify the most immediate stimuli in your environment to make sense of feeling "down and despondent" or "up and agitated" when you think the logical condition after realizing a dream should be "joyous and satisfied." Recently, I had the honor of guiding a client to see a vision of his future. Here is a little background: Alex (a pseudonym, of course) is an accomplished, exceptionally intelligent, powerful professional who is highly regarded in his field. Indeed, his sphere of influence extends far beyond his own field. He is 50ish. He has far exceeded his childhood dreams and those of early adulthood.

He is ready for a new dream, one that is beyond his realized dream. Alex has far more to contribute to the world. I chuckled both silently and empathetically as he expressed feelings of his life being over. "Over!?!" I keep myself from screaming, and then said calmly, "you have just begun, my friend! Your true mission is yet to be realized." My awareness of his life mission served as some slight comfort in his despair. However, I had a greater gift for Alex than describing my vision of his mission.

After leading him in a brief guided meditation, I did some Focused Energy Work. He lost conscious awareness of what was happening, which was fortunate, as he might have resisted the new vision. Energetically, I could see this vision of his life mission drop into his energy field with a sound of gentle thunder and a splash of lightening. As I coaxed him back to consciousness, he said he had gone very deep. I encouraged him to describe the vision that had dropped in.

At first he focused on his present crisis and transition. I cleared that from the energy field so that he could step into the vision, which he described in precise detail. Since I could see what he saw (before or as he did), I could ask him questions that led him to specific objects and people and feelings and thoughts.

After he had embodied the vision, Alex moved back into the present, to live in the here and now, re-energized by his vision that will become clearer with time. What is the dream that you are holding that you want to realize today? this week? this year?.

Copyright 2006 Marshall House, Jeanie Marshall, Empowerment Consultant and Coach with Marshall House writes extensively on subjects related to personal development and empowerment. Discover her guided meditations at the Voice of Jeanie Marshall,

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