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Adoption Requires The Right Commitment

Adoption for any person or couple requires a special commitment and is not something that can be decided on a whim; the question of suitability is probably the first issue to be dealt with. The issue is not made easier for people with each state of America having different adoption laws not to mention federal laws; so if you are planning to adopt a child, it is imperative you have a knowledge of federal law and procedure. The process might be complex but that does not mean it cannot be overcome; all that is needed however, is an understanding of what is required and expected from adoptive parents in making a successful application.

Before any other considerations are taken into account, this is a legal matter where the adult(s) become the child(s) legal parent(s); in many, but not all cases, childless couples are matched with orphans. Because it is a legal process, it goes much further than simply making suitable family matches as parental rights and responsibilities are given to the adopting parents; during this process the law ensures the child will also receive all the rights of any member of that family. The child becomes in effect a son or daughter to the person or couple adopting them with all the legal rights that entails, including inheritance.

Many aspects are taken into consideration before the adoption process is complete, including the divulgence of the adopted childs real parents; this process helps to makes it withstand any later claims. Of course it is not always possible to determine the parentage of the child fully; this can happen when the child is a ward of court for example. There are occasions where the biological parents rights are terminated at the same time as the adoption is finalized; this can happen when a child has been removed from a teenage single mother.

Every applicant planning to adopt must carry out a home study before the request can be approved; this is stipulated by law and is a requisite in all the states in the country. The purpose of the home study is to provide proof that the adopted child will grow up in a clean, well balanced environment that is safe and secure.

Part of the home study procedure surrounds background checks on the applicants; they also carefully assess the safety aspect of the home environment plus the medical records of the new parents.

Once this legal requirement has been completed and the adoptive parents have been given the all clear there may still be a short delay before the process is complete. This final process is carried out by a judge who is a specialist in the family courts; he checks all the information supplied before giving agreement to allow the application to go ahead. Like any other legislation in the country, adoption laws are also constantly changing; therefore, it is always wise to check on the most up to date information before anyone considers applying.


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