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Affordable Sexy Costumes from Leg Avenue

Sexy costumes have always been a Halloween favorite. For a long time, Playboy costumes held the corner of the market when it came to the sexy costume. However, Leg Avenue is the new up and coming competitor for the sexy Halloween costume market. Here is a look at the different Leg Avenue costumes that you can choose from for Halloween or other special occasion. The start of Leg Avenue Surprisingly enough, Leg Avenue started as a company that sold inexpensive luggage and cheap tennis shoes.

However, it is rapidly growing into one of the largest sexy costume retailers ever. Leg Avenue costumes started with the owners listening to the customers. At trade shows, they found that many people wanted something different ? whether it is colored fishnets or striped tights ? and Leg Avenue Costumes was born.

The starting catalogue offered only 12 different items, today you can choose from over 700 different Leg Avenue costumes. Playboy costumes have finally met their match. A wide variety Leg Avenue costumes come in many different costume varieties. They tend to be organized by category, including: western, haunted house, renaissance, cops and robbers, big city, retro, storybook, pirates, exotic, holidays, and recess.

? Western. This Leg Avenue line includes sexy cowgirls, Spanish seņoritas, and a sexy Indian princess. Or you can even be a female version of the masked Zorro.

? Haunted house. Like traditional Halloween costumes but want a sexy twist? This Leg Avenue costume line includes witches, demons, vampires, and other Halloween creepies with a sexy attitude. ? Renaissance. Love the romance of the middle ages? This Leg Avenue line offers plenty of medieval romance for you and your sweetheart. ? Cops and Robbers. No matter which side of the law you prefer to be on, this costume line offers options for both.

? Big City. If you want your Halloween costume to feature a career this year, Leg Avenue allows you to make nearly any career sexy. Whether you want to be a nun, a member of the pit crew, a nurse, or the resident Playboy-style bunny, Leg Avenue has costumes for nearly any taste. This line offers costumes for both men and women.

? Retro. Want to shake your groove thing this Halloween? Retro Leg Avenue costumes bring back the hippy and disco era with a sexy new look. ? Storybook.

Create your own bedtime story with these Leg Avenue costumes. Whether it is pirates or pixies, Arabian nights or Alice in Wonderland, these Leg Avenue costumes have plenty to spark the imagination. You can reenact your favorite childhood tale or create your own.

? Pirates. Playing pirate has been a popular costume idea for both men and women, and Leg Avenue offers costumes for both. ? Exotic. Want to be the queen or king of the Nile? Here is the place to go. ? Holidays.

Want Santa to come early this year? These Leg Avenue costumes are perfect for the occasion. ? Recess. It is hard to find anything quite as sexy as a cheerleader or schoolgirl, and the Leg Avenue Recess line plays into this fantasy.

Paul Hulse writes for the Halloween Costumes online retailer Please visit their site for more information on Leg Avenue Costumes

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