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Baby Furniture The Foundation of Your Baby Nursery

Creating a warm and comfortable environment for your newborn begins with your selection of baby furniture. Many mothers-to-be list baby furniture items in their gift registry to make it easy for relatives and friends to make the right choice. Small items like baby carriers or travel beds can be just as important as the crib and bedding. Of all your child's furniture you will buy, none are more important to the safety of your child than the baby crib.

While a nursery theme appeals to your heart, the need to protect your little one comes first. Become familiar with the guidelines for safety in baby furniture and it will make your shopping much easier. Safety Features to Look for in Nursery Furniture Your newborn will spend many hours in their crib and infants are especially vulnerable in their first year.

The construction and materials used in your furniture for the baby nursery will be in direct contact with your baby. Babies learn about the world around them by using their senses, in particular, their sense of taste which makes it important the crib you select for your tot must have teething protection on all four sides. Babies have delicate skin, so all the surfaces they touch should be coated in non-toxic lacquer finishes without the use of lead paints. The changing table is the second most used piece of furnishing and caution is needed when you make your purchase.

The best design for changing tables are those with a restraint and raised sides with ends at least 9 inches high and secure locks for the collapsible frame. Most importantly, NEVER leave your baby unattended-not even for a second. Decorating your baby's nursery is different from decorating your living room.

All the furnishings you use in your tot's nursery should be free of anything that could pose physical danger to your newborn, such as cutout designs which have been a major cause of infant strangulation or small objects that could be swallowed or become lodged in your baby's throat. As your little one begins to become more active, avoid using walkers; babies that can move around on their own, can be a danger to themselves. Look for Flexibility in Baby Furnishings With many mothers working from home, it is a good idea that all of your child's furniture be made with mobility in mind. You will be able to move your baby's crib around the nursery or to another room easier if it is made with double two inch barrel casters. Using a monitor will help you to be aware of when your newborn needs attention.

If you use the wireless video baby monitor, it gives you the advantage of being able to see and hear everything that is happening in the nursery.

Joyce Skrovonek is a regular contributor to an online resource offering tips, ideas and products for every room in your house. baby bedding, baby monitor, baby crib

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