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Baby Shower Cakes An Overview

Baby shower cakes are an important part of any baby shower. Many times they become the centerpiece of the table. One great idea is to make mini baby shower cakes. These are small versions of any other cake. If a girl is expected, you should decorate the cake accordantly by using pink icing. Likewise you should use blue for a boy.

One popular idea is a diaper cake. This really isn't a cake at all. It is diapers that are layered like a cake. It's also a good idea to include other baby items as decorations, like bottles, toys, or baby cloths.

Make sure you decorate the cake to fit the theme of the party. Some possible themes include: duckies, teddy bears, baby booties, bottles, nursery rhymes or fairy tales. You can purchase your cake at party store or a bakery. The internet also provides many sources for people who want to try to do it themselves.

Be aware that by doing it yourself you'll save a lot of money, however it's also going to be much more times consuming. Another great source of information is to ask around. Most people who have recently been to a baby shower would love to share their experiences. Bakeries are another source if information. By doing a little window shopping, you'll be able to come up with many great ideas. If you're short on time, maybe you can get some help.

Don't be afraid to ask a friend or relative to help you out. They can either come over one night before the party to help you bake. It's also possible they may be able to bake the entire cake at their house and bring it over on the day of the party. Remember many people believe baby shower cakes are the most important aspect of any party. So make sure you take the time to do it right and start baking.

For more information concerning baby showers please visit The Baby Shower Zone - a website that specializes in free baby shower cake ideas

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