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Basic Principles of Christian Dating

It is often more complicated for a Christian dating than it is perceived to be. Dating is a natural desire in life. Christian dating is not as easy as following guidelines provided by faith. Some people find difficulty with their religious priorities when entering into a relationship with another person.

You should not love anyone more than you love your God - and thus, adhering to religious dogma should be given priority over submitting to your partners' wants. The wants of the flesh are strong and therefore your faith must be strong enough to keep God in your life. After all, your faith in God will guide you, Christian dating excludes being sexual and casually dating around.

Young Christians feel pressure from friends and school to date the way a non-Christian commonly would. Giving in to pressure can lead to bad decisions regarding what is believed to be right or wrong in ones faith. No Christian relationship can work unless both partners have equal moral standards and beliefs. If one partner believes differently than the other, the dating arrangement will not work or fit into the others' faith. It is advised that a Christian should not pursue a relationship with a non-believer because of this. Sometimes a person can have difficulty keeping God as his main priority when there is another person in his life that he loves.

Many Christians consider pre-marital sex to be a sin. As such, traditional Christian dating does not involve any sexual activity. Cuddling and kissing are acceptable forms of affection before marriage, but they should never be taken any further to remain in the path of God. An adult Christian dating struggles more with this than a younger person because sex is considered an adult activity.

Sometimes a person will choose to remain single until they are older. Being single gives a Christian the chance to get acquainted and comfortable with their relationship with God before trying to date persons of the other sex. This is necessary for a true believer to accomplish before getting involved in another relationship.

Being involved with someone is always going to be complicated. A Christian dating has to keep a strong relationship with God at the same time. It is a juggling act that few can pull off successfully without being right with God first. You should always put God first in your relationship in order to remain true to your faith.

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