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I've been reading this wonderfully inspirational book by Wayne Dyer, Change Your Thoughts, Change Your Life. This book looks at the 81 verses of the Tao Te Ching and breaks down into detail what they all mean. The most reoccurring symbol the Tao uses for the way you should live your life is water. I had never really thought about it before, but I love the analogy. Water naturally flows to the lowest level. Whether it is draining down the gutters in the street or down a majestic waterfall, water flows down.

According to the Tao we, as humans, can learn humility from the way water naturally flows. When we begin to boast of an accomplishment, we are putting ourselves above others. To elevate ourselves in this way is not natural. It is as if our ego has taken charge of our divine spirit and made of point of letting others know we are better than them. If we were living like water we would keep moving forward not making a big production out of certain events in out lives. Water is also patient.

Over time it can wear out the densest material. Its flow is persistent as well as humble. Where we may give up when circumstances appear to be hopeless, water carries on. The ebb and flow of the tides creates new shorelines every moment.

And its flow over riverbeds creates new dimensions in the hardest of stone over time. Water remains flexible throughout turbulent weather. It freezes in the winter, thaws in the summer, and rises and falls in the form of precipitation.

Water remains, only its form changes. If we used the natural ability to move with nature (like water), we would become more tuned into how to be, rather than what to do. The more we connect to the universal divine energy, the easier life will become. When we reflect on the peaceful calm of a gentle lake our minds will naturally live in peace in that moment.

When we let go of our accomplishments and possessions, realizing that they were not really ours to begin with, we will live with less anxiety. When you try to grab a handful of water, it naturally slips through your fingers. Think of yourself this way-as a part of nature, and this infinite energy. Just like water, no one and no thing can contain you.

Meditate on this. Like water, allow your thoughts to flow to the deepest part of you. Do not try to control them, let them swim around naturally until they find their way. This meditation can be like a spiritual healing offering inspiration in difficult times. Depression is a state created by ego-driven thoughts. If you lived like water depressed thinking would be a thing of the past.

Water nourishes everything it touches and gives without thinking. In this way, it gets what it needs, because the law of attraction supports its existence. Water in its purest form expresses the power of love. You were surrounded by it in your mother's womb. And you replenish your body with it everyday. When you live at one with water and become settled into "going with the flow" you will think less, and be more.

Kim McGinnis runs Avenstar, a marketing agency dedicated to first class service with a personal touch. Her latest client, Daniela Rodriguez, runs Riverplate Fulfillment, whose company literally rose like a phoenix after the 2007 LA fires. Her fulfillment and trucking company came back stronger than ever to meet their customers needs.

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