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This is not a Letterman list. These thoughts could change your life. This is what you should be thinking of when you wake up, and before you go to sleep. Your thoughts are your life. From the first thought of the day, to the last thought of the day, that is your life.

The way you think influences your life. Your thoughts are very powerful. It is hard to control a lot of your thoughts. Many people and events of your life created the way you think. The way you think affects not only your life, but many others. If you are not happy with something in your life, you can change it simply by changing the way you think.

How you start your day and how you end it does matter. Your morning thoughts will have a lot to do with how good your day will go, and set the mood. Your thoughts at the end of the day, before you go to sleep will determine how well you sleep more than likely. A good night's sleep will determine how well your next day goes, thus the cycle of your life.

So what I have put together is a list of thoughts you should try to achieve. One for the morning to set the mood for the day, and one for night so you may get a good nights sleep. Please give it a try for 21 days strait and see how it affects your life. Tests show that after doing something for 21 days strait, it then becomes a habit.

The morning thoughts: 1) Today is going to be a great day. 2) Good things are going to happen to me. 3) I am going to have a great opportunity to advance my life happen to me today. 4) I am going to accomplish many things today.

5) I feel real good today. I feel alive and full of energy. 6) I am so happy for what I possess now, my wonderful family, all my possessions, and my life in general. 7) I am going to help someone today and make them happy.

8) What I achieve today is going to get me closer to achieving my long term goals. 9) Today the universe is on my side and working for me. 10) Today nothing is going to bother me and ruin my day. The bedtime thoughts: You have to think about how your day went. If for some reason it was not a perfect day, your first thought should be: I am not going to let that bother me and ruin a perfect day.

1) I am thankful for the people in my life and all that they do for me. 2) I accomplished many things today. 3) Good things happened to me today and I am thankful that they did. 4) I helped someone or many people today and made them happy. 5) I am so happy for what I posses now, my wonderful family, all my possessions, and my life in general. 6) I am closer to reaching my goals today because of what I accomplished.

7) The universe was on my side today and working for me. 8) All the things that happened today happened for a reason and will make my life better. 9) My life is a wonderful adventure and I love it. 10) I enjoyed today, and today was a good day, but tomorrow will be even better.

What do you want your legacy to be? The person who accomplished everything they set out to do, or the person that sometimes remembered to take out the trash.

Author Mike True successfully motivates people to truly have a better life with motivational and educational information.

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