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Can Hypnosis Really Produce Results

Immense patience and courage is required of you to delve into the world of hypnosis, specifically self hypnosis. Hypnosis, a field, which is starting to be recognized in the realm of science, quite recently is occasionally referred to as hypnotherapy or hypnotic submission. It is a transformed state of awareness or consciousness. The state of awareness differs from the actual or regular mental condition primarily through the state of relaxation it induces. It is not easy to achieve this state from the mind, it requires practice and training.

Hypnosis for weight loss or as a self help procedure helps you comprehend and achieve more control over your actions and activities. Hypnotists say that hypnosis generates a state of deep repose and quietens the mind. When you are hypnotized, you can focus strongly on a particular thought, remembrance, feeling or sensation while warding off all the disruptions and disturbances. Types of hypnosis There are broadly two types of hypnosis; passive and command hypnosis.

While using hypnosis for remedial purposes, the kind of hypnosis generally used is passive; the patient is authorized to, and assisted to, go into hypnosis completely of his own free will and the hypnotist plays an absolutely passive role. This method is quite the reverse of command hypnosis. As the name suggests, in command hypnosis, the hypnotist takes up a dominating authoritative control over the patient who, may or may not be aware of the modus operandi the hypnotist is practising on him.

Yet he is under the positive control and influence of the hypnotist. All hypnotism is basically self-hypnosis. Still, there are many procedures and modes to hypnotise, including CD and tapes. Because it is the mind of the person who is being hypnotised all hypnosis is considered to be Self-hypnosis. The hypnotist may propose the methods of hypnosis for weight control so that you may chose and accomplish and achieve your specific health goals. The other method is that once you are in a hypnotic state, the hypnotist assists by stimulating your imagination by suggesting certain images.

This conscious creation of pictures in your psyche is called mental imagery, and it's a powerful way to help bring about what you want to achieve. An approved hypnotist would teach you how to engage in a state of hypnosis by yourself. It is reported that with self-hypnosis you can achieve your goals and become the person you always desired to be. It sounds far-fetched, but it is true. The process of self-hypnosis involves absolute relaxation and a guided process for connecting the mind to provide information and control and to produce optimistic changes.

Usually, self hypnosis programs are designed and prepared by people who have never met the person willing to be hypnotised. This may lead to negative or disastrous results. For the self hypnosis to be successful, it is necessary for it to be designed by the same person who intends to ultimately use and benefit from it. True self hypnosis is tailored to suit the needs of the person undergoing hypnosis. One you hear people say self-hypnosis, it is in literal terms that the "self" is hypnotising the self! We have the conscious mind and the sub-conscious mind. Under hypnosis the conscious mind communicates with the sub-conscious.

This helps to reprogram it, i.e. the sub-conscious mind gets reprogrammed. Usually it is asserts that while a person actually attempts to do self-hypnosis; he must be alone and must be in a comfortable position like lying down.

Pictures may be placed, and it is then required to concentrate on these pictures and then try to delve into deep sleep. This is basically commanding oneself to fall asleep while concentrating on the pictures. This process will only be successful, if one is absolutely calm. If you are uneasy and anxious and feed yourself with negative affirmations, it may have detrimental effects. It is therefore important to give and command oneself to be positive.

Self-hypnosis is like an artistic hobby that requires in depth analysis and constant practice, without which one shall always remain a novice in the field. To take an example, as it is required by a person learning to play the guitar, to practice for hours and for years to be proficient in it, an analogy follows that, hypnosis may be mastered only with practice as practice makes a man perfect! The draw back with self-hypnosis is that its all in the mind therefore it is a mind game and the one with the maximum span of patience and concentration will learn it the fastest. How to choose a qualified professional The only drawback of hypnosis is that it is unregulated and has not been ratified by any medical rules as such. It might be a part of psychiatry, but it has a limited role to play as people do have inhibitions about it still.

Hypnosis is not regulated in most countries, so it is advisable that one is very cautious while selecting a hypnotist. However there are some autonomous bodies and authorities, which give certificates to people who complete the specific course in Hypnosis. Licensed health care specialists like psychiatrists and psychologists also do perform some hypnosis techniques.

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