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Child Support How Does it Work

Child support is a court-ordered financial contribution paid by the parent who does not live with the children to the parent who does live with them. Each state has its own formula for calculating the correct amount that is paid for child support; however, the judge can deviate from the formula if it is deemed necessary. Here are some important things to keep in mind regarding child support: Child support funds are to be used at the discretion of the custodial parent. The money is intended to be used for the child and whether or not this is actually the case is not a decision that can be made by the parent who must pay it.

Child support payments must be made, even when the custodial parent earns more than the non-custodial parent. Both parents should contribute to extra-curricular activities, since child support does not include them. Always pay child support payments on time. When it comes to your child and divorce, leave the divorce out. Some states will mandate to have wages garnished as payment for child support. Never tell your child about child support payments.

Let your child be a kid. Don't burden him or her with the painful details of a divorce that you are solely responsible for. Consult your attorney prior to signing a child support agreement. Your attorney knows the law and can better inform you of what is in your best interest. The best divorce advice with regard to child support is to simply be familiar with the laws surrounding this obligation.

The more you are familiar with the standard procedure, the better you will be at coping with the divorce.

Nathan Dawson writes for a great online source for finance information.

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