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Though many of you may disagree with me, I believe everyone is honestly trying to do their best at what they do whether being a parent, partner, leader, athlete or scholar. Sure, your associate's 'best' may not be live up to your expectations; however, they are trying. Everyone does his best according to his level of understanding about what 'best' is. Oftentimes, they need a guiding hand, thought or voice, especially when we feel that they've strayed to the point where they've actually disappointed or irritated us. You might feel downcast and think that this association should be thrown on the dump heap.

Norman Vincent Peale puts it this way in The Power Principle Today: "I discovered early in my own personal experience that the simple practice of outgoing love toward people is magically effective. Whenever I detect that my thoughts are going stale, I deliberately search for some opportunity to express love by a thoughtful and kindly act, and if I do enough of this, a new vigor, even fervor, shows in my mental state. A revitalized feeling of aliveness and sensitivity becomes evident. To me, this practice is of tremendous importance. This infusion of caring thoughts followed by caring action has the effect of washing out of mind the accumulation of old, tired, gloomy thoughts which constantly recur unless arrested by some stronger mental force.

" Relationships are fragile yet so important to our joy in work and play. Far too often, I learn of one destroyed by an incident that happened months, even years ago. In order to be the best that you can be, I say to this to you with all due respect: Don't hold on to energy that would be classified as downbeat, cynical, or hurtful.

Move on with benevolence. Look for ways to offer goodwill. The effect you desire might not be instantaneous; in fact, the recipient may even be suspicious of your actions. However, even suspicion and doubt will raise your level of communication from where it was yesterday.

Look for ways to connect with this person. You might be surprised to discover that each of you share a common core of values and experiences? What value would a beverage or meal away from the hustle bustle bring? There is likely depth to this person that you're expectations has not yet allowed to manifest. Give them the benefit of your doubt.

See how this benevolence results in positive ripple effects throughout other areas of your life. Enjoy your discoveries, express more love, and have a great week.

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