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Create Your Positive Power Position Picture for Personal Empowerment

Do you ever step into the pit of despair, inadequacy, depression, hopelessness, or fear? The more conscious you are of your process of moving and being in and out of the pit, the more enlightened you can become. Each moment presents a choice to live; each situation presents a choice to grow. Recently in an email message to a client who was experiencing despair, I said: "You really don't need to spend a week in the pit of despair. 4-5 minutes at a time is far more efficient for this kind of experience.

When you feel this stuff coming, set a timer with a loud bell and wallow in the pit. Then go back to work when the bell rings. Liken this to pressure in the bowels that sends you to the toilet -- you evacuate the stuff, flush, wash your hands, and return to work lighter and relieved.

" Simple, matter of fact, physical release runs parallel to simple, matter of fact emotional and mental release. Exercise: Imagine Your Power Picture Here is an exercise to assist you to create and use images, the language of change. Words are helpful, of course, but it is when words are combined with images that deep change happens.

Choose a Power Scene. If you experience yourself as being in a "power position" right now, choose your current state of consciousness. If not, choose a time in the past that you recall that you were in a "power position." By "power position" I mean a place in your consciousness that tells you that you are empowered and powerful.

The dance floor, workplace, meditation, or a five-minute conversation may be the setting. However, the power is a force that comes from within yourself, not a power you have over someone else and not a power you get from someone else. Make your power scene one that is either private, viewed by a special other, or publicized to many others. Write Your Scene.

Write a description so that it is a clear statement about your living in your power right now. If you have chosen to describe a past event, write about it in the present tense. Feel it right here, right now. If that is awkward, write a first draft in the past tense as you tell the story of what was, then change the words to the present tense, dropping references to the circumstances so that you are referring only to yourself, your perceptions, and your feelings.

Include the Senses. Describe your scene or series of events so that all the senses are involved. Include sounds (e.g.

, humming, applause, words, click of the computer keys, a favorite song). Paint your picture with colors and images and textures. Maintain in your written or re-written description the energy, the consciousness, the feelings of your power position, rather than external circumstances or a belief that anything outside yourself is required for your empowerment. You created the set of circumstances -- do not give that power away to anyone else.

It is commendable to acknowledge help and support from others, which is part of a gratitude consciousness, but do so without giving your power away. Create Now; Add Later. As you develop your "Power Picture," keep the canvas wet so that you feel comfortable about adding to it. Each time you are fully in your power -- or even with one step into your power -- open yourself to discover more dynamics.

Add those to the picture. Know how you get into your power position; notice how you get out of your power position. Let your picture be alive, not static. Post it.

Post your description someplace: top desk drawer, as a stickie that pops onto your screen every time you boot your computer, on a bulletin board, or in some less conspicuous place. Live it. Stay in your Power Position as much as possible. When you go elsewhere in consciousness to live (remember to set that timer with the bell), re-read your description before or after the bell so that you can more easily find your way back to your Power Position. Leave bread crumbs or use any technique that you know to help you to return and maintain your Power Position. Notice Little Changes.

One of the most dependable ways to change in a chosen direction is to notice the incremental changes you are making. You can reflect on a situation in the recent past, for example, something that happened earlier that day or yesterday. As you continue to do that, you can more easily notice in the moment that you are changing. To be conscious about being conscious in the present teaches you that your consciousness is constantly lifting. Embody Your Power Now. Your Positive Power Position Picture is not an event in the past, but a current condition.

The path to the present is instantaneous; the path to the past is done, over, finished; the path to the future is based on the present. There is not as much hope in things passed or past. The only place to be is where you are, right now in the present. Paint Your Own Positive Power Position Picture; Name It. To complete a picture, it is helpful to frame it and name it. Use images to create the picture itself and words to name the picture so that you have a combination of words and images.

Here are a few suggestions for picture titles, notice the simplicity. * "My Power Position" * "The Best Me I Can Be" * "Jake, the Powerful" * "Being Betty" * "Yes to Richard" * "Doing Beverly" * "I Am Me." * "I Am My Own Power." * "I feel creative and productive." * "I notice that I am happiest when I feel empowered." Claim Your Power.

If you name it and frame it, you claim it. As you change yourself, let your Positive Power Position Picture change also.

Copyright 2006 Marshall House, Jeanie Marshall, Empowerment Consultant and Coach with Marshall House writes extensively on subjects related to personal development and empowerment. Discover her guided meditations at the Voice of Jeanie Marshall,

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