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Custom Movie Gift Baskets

One of my favorite theme custom gift baskets to make are definitely movie gift baskets. This is the type of gift that??s appropriate for a lot of people and because the gift basket fillers are typically easy to find and very inexpensive. You can spend as much time as needed to personalize custom gift baskets for any occasion including birthdays, graduations and of course for those hard-to-please-with-a-gift friends and coworkers.

The easiest place to begin putting together custom movie gift baskets is to find a container. You have a lot of options to consider but some of the best containers include a wicker, wire, rattan and chrome. You can also personalize the gift basket even further by using a theme-type container. Inexpensive baskets and containers can be found in places such as Target and Walmart.

You can also find almost new baskets at flea markets. You can even try the eBay. If you have a small budget, you can check your local dollar-type store. Making a basket by yourself will also be a good idea.

Go visit your local grocery store and see if the produce clerk has any small wooden crates that he/she would give you. You can put a decals on it or paint it whatever you can imagine.

Now that you have the gift basket in place, it??s time to think about what to fill it up with.

In addition to DVDs, you may want to a gift card or gift certificate, a movie guide book, an assortment of microwave popcorn, a couple cans of beer, plastic cups, soda, mixed nuts, potato chips, or decorative paper napkins in custom gift baskets. Of course these items are all dependent upon how much money you can spend.

Another cool idea for custom gift baskets is to make your own snacks such as gourmet cookies, gourmet popcorn and snacks or even popcorn balls. You may not to spend a lot of money and time to make an impression on a friend, your boss, or lover one during a holiday, graduation or other special occasion. That??s why custom gift baskets with DVDs are such a great idea for anyone with any budget!


About the Author (text)Andrew Frost is a custom gift baskets professional.
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