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Do You Believe In The Law of Attraction

The movie "The Secret" made popular the 'law of attraction'. The movie focused on the power of our thoughts and how they impact our lives. This is not a new concept. Throughout history, successful people understood the power of attracting what they wanted into their lives. Not everyone believes in the power of the 'law of attraction.' Are you a believer or are you skeptical about the 'law of attraction' because you feel it's not realistic? Reality is akin to perception.

Perception is a choice, not a fact. How do I know that? Look around - does everyone think alike? I don't think so. If perception was a fact, then all of us would share the same views. For this moment, can you be open to the belief that our thoughts create our reality? If we decide to change our thoughts directing them towards good and abundance, we will attract more of that into our lives. You can return to your original beliefs, but read below to see if any of the words attract you to creating new thoughts around yourself.

Here are ways you can bring the 'law of attraction' into your life: ==>Business Serendipity, coincidence, fate, the advantages of being in the right place at the right time are all expressions of what is generally known as the laws of attraction. You acquire whatever you concentrate your energy, thoughts and feelings on, positive and negative alike. Your thoughts act as a self-fulfilling prophecy, requesting to the universe what you desire most. If you focus your attention on the good that will come from your actions, you will experience an increase in your productivity. Use this positive energy in all of your work efforts. ==>Challenging Situations This is a time when the 'law of attraction' can help you out.

You have to emit positive vibrations, which will help you to help yourself. The thoughts and the feelings that you generate will move the universe and help you out. Try to concentrate on your needs.

Practice your positive affirmations. Clearly state them in your mind. Then, try to concentrate on the feelings you have and imagine how you will feel if you actually attain these great things. ==>Parenting All parents know how stressful parenting can be.

It involves a lot of responsibilities. As a parent, you want to protect your children from harm as well as ensure that they grow up to be caring and responsible young adults. The 'law of attraction' can help your children stay safe and attain a happy life. You need to focus on things you want for your children, rather than thinking about what you DON'T want for them. Instead of hoping your child is not in a car crash, fails school or is hurt by someone, concentrate on what you want for your child.

Whenever your anxiety starts to surface, visualize how your child would feel with loving thoughts coming his or her way. A child would bloom under such loving light. ==>Weight Negative views of our bodies decrease our well-being.

Question yourself around your thoughts. Do you think it is difficult to lose weight? Does your definition of fitness include depriving yourself of good food or keeping yourself hungry? Are you bogged down by your past inability to lose weight? Does exercising seem like an awful job to you? Are you intending to lose a lot of weight as quickly as possible or are you willing to be patient and make the sort of long-term changes that will keep those extra pounds away for good? All your thoughts will impact your success in making any change. Negative thoughts around your body will keep the weight on, so create loving thoughts on how your body supports you throughout the day. Give your body some self-nurturing and love and you will naturally take care of yourself. ==>Positive Thinking You must remember that your inner self is a very important part of your universe. The external world is a manifestation of your inner self.

If you steal, hoard, or believe there is not enough in the world for you, your world will reflect your thinking. You will constantly have to work to keep what you have. If you believe that you have plenty to give and receive, you open yourself to the abundance of the Universe. ==>Does It Work? If you are diligent in performing your affirmations, and still find the 'law of attraction' doesn't work for you, then become aware of your intention.

Thoughts are one part of the equation, the other part is the intention you have or the energy you placed in the thought. How effective we are is directly dependent on the amount of emotional energy that we are able to generate by our thoughts. You may say the positive affirmations, but think negative thoughts which will block your ability to be open to receiving what is rightfully yours.

==>Final Thoughts Louise Hay in her book "I Can Do It. How To Use Affirmations to Change Your Life" explains that we are always affirming. Every thought we have affirms either negative or positive energy. We use our own power in our choices.

do we choose negative or positive thoughts to create our lives? Living life to the fullest is all about living a happy life, a content life, a life where you are at peace with your own personal truth. The more we become aware of our thoughts and accept that there is good and abundance in the world for all of us, the more we will receive. Do You Believe In The Law of Attraction? Copyright (c) 2008 Pat Brill.

Pat Brill is co-author of "9 Steps to Starting a Women's Group". To download your Free copy of this e-book, go to .

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