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Dont Let Your Fear Of Rejection Keep You Stuck

Many people are afraid to say and do what is best for themselves out of a fear of rejection and abandonment. If you are sacrificing who you are to hold your relationship together or to keep others from disapproving of you, then you are leading a lonely life. If these people truly care about you, they will want you to achieve success in your life. I have seen so many individuals give up hobbies, career goals and other areas of interest to gain the approval of their partner and/or their parents. These individuals create a limitation for themselves. Because they are not pursuing what is important to them, they end up feeling very empty inside.

This emptiness is a form of loneliness and it leads to a slow death of the human spirit. When you lead your life according to your God-given potential, you begin to experience a freedom like you would never believe. Your step becomes swifter, you breathe a little deeper and you stand taller. You will feel a sense of personal power. Thoughts will become more solution-oriented in your view toward the challenges of life. 15 Strategies To Help Unleash Your Full Potential 1.

Decide to be the best that you can be. 2. Learn to see your positive qualities. Make a list of 20 positive traits that you have.

3. Stop putting yourself down in front of other people. 4. Limit the amount of time you spend with negative people. 5.

Give and receive compliments. 6. Be enthusiastic. 7. Develop your sense of humor. Dont take yourself so seriously.

8. Be kind to everyone you interact with. 9. Dont be easily offended. 10. Attend church and pay attention while there.

11. Seek outstanding role models. They can teach you how to speed up the learning process. 12.

Dare to be unpopular. 13. Remind yourself daily that you are striving to be your best. 14.

Wake up happy. Get your day off to a positive start. 15.

Give yourself positive messages such as I can and I will. Loneliness can feel crippling at times. The hopelessness and helplessness of loneliness will dissipate once you seek the truth that is within you. So ask yourself, what is truly important to me? What am I getting out of my present lifestyle? What would I have to give up if I really moved toward my dreams? What would I gain if I did so? Remember, you were brought into this world with a purpose. If you question your purpose, then do yourself a favor by spending some time reviewing these questions. You can be loved and accepted for who you are.

Mark Webb is the author of How To Be a Great Partner and founder of Partner Focused Relationships?. Sign up for Mark Webbs Relationship Strategies Ezine ($100 value). Just visit his website at or

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