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Emotional Health in Teens

If you are wondering if you are emotionally healthy, here are the key things to consider. People who have good emotional health have control over their thoughts and their behaviors and their feelings. Emotionally healthy people feel good about themselves and have positive relationships.

If you are emotionally healthy you are able to keep your problems in perspective, not building minor difficulties all out of proportion or failing to realize the seriousness of major issues. If you are emotionally healthy you are aware of yourself and you have self control. If you exhibit all of these traits then you can be confident that you are emotionally healthy.

Teens often have trouble maintaining emotional health. A very difficult time in their life, the teenager could become overwhelmed by the combination of physical and emotional changes he or she is going through. If you are a teenager wondering if you are emotionally healthy, know that this is not uncommon. You can endure many pressures as a teenager. You feel a lot of pressure from your peers to fit in , and their pressure can be counter to the pressure your parents, teachers and other adult caregivers are putting on you. Sometimes you wonder if you are emotionally healthy just because you are torn between trying to be cool for your friends, get good grades for your future and your parents, and excel at sports or other extracurricular activities.

When you are a teen you are transitioning from your childhood into adulthood. You want to depend on your parents but you want to be independent too. All this struggle, and all these changes may make you wonder, are you emotionally healthy? If you are the parent or caregiver of a teenager and their emotional health is in question what you need to do is look for the warning signs that something is wrong emotionally. Not recognizing and acting on these signs can lead to alcohol or drug abuse, unprotected sex, eating disorder or depression.

Teens who are not emotionally healthy may seem agitated or overly restless. They may lose or gain weight at a greater than normal pace. They may exhibit unusual problems in schools, getting poor grades when they had excelled before, or playing hooky or getting into fights or arguments. They may seem to have trouble concentrating.

Teens who are not emotionally healthy may seem sad most of the time, and may stop caring about people and things that used to matter a lot to them. They may seem like they are no longer motivated by the things and activities that used to excite them. They might quit the football team or give up cheerleading. They may seem always tired, and seem to have only a fraction of the boundless energy they used to exhibit.

They may seem to suffer from low self-esteem and their hygiene and wardrobe may suffer. They may have trouble falling asleep, staying asleep or both.

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