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Finding Time with Powerful Tips to Keep the Internet from Taking Your Time

Finding time can be difficult with distractions like the Internet and Email just a mouse click away. How do you focus and make the most of your time? Tips to Keep You on Track and In Charge! Internet Tip #1: Whenever possible, limit your time online to certain times of day. Schedule e-mail and Internet scans after you have accomplished items on your To-Do List. Internet Tip #2: Quit your email program and turn off your RSS feeds and instant messaging. Setting this boundary for yourself will really help you stay on task. Internet Tip #3: Keep your goal foremost in your awareness when you conduct Internet searches.

Do not give in to the temptation to read the interesting links that your search uncovers. Return to your task as soon as you have the answer you need. Internet Tip #4: Keep a running list of interesting links you uncover. Promise yourself that you will set aside time to pursue some of these later.

This makes it easier to let them go NOW! Internet Tip #5: Establish a time deadline for your work, so you don't get pulled into Outer (Cyber)Space." It is very easy to lose time while you are on the computer. On many calendar systems, you can set an alarm. Use this to set a stop time for yourself. If you are at home and resist switching gears, set an alarm in another room to get you out of your chair and away from the temptation.

If at work, try scheduling searches right before a meeting or lunch with a colleague. Internet Tip #6: Keep an internet log for a week. How much time are you taking to check emails, news and other Internet activities? Record the time you spend and how you are spending it. Use broad categories. Make no judgments.

Just record the facts. Once you have the facts, you can make informed choices. Internet Tip #7: Remember to revisit the emails and links that genuinely interest you.

Revisit them after all the items on today's To-Do List are completed; reward yourself and enjoy! Keep work and play separate to make both more meaningful. Remember, if time on the internet is taking you away from other things you need to be doing, you will do well to develop time management techniques. You have an exciting opportunity to look at your priorities and take charge of your choices! When you take more positive control of your internet activity, you will not only be finding more focus . you will also be finding time! What is your next step for finding time?.

Paula Eder, Ph.D., The Time Finder, has, for 35+ years, coached individuals and organizations to align values with productive time choices. For free weekly time tips & an award-winning monthly Ezine, visit

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