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Getting Over Your College and Leaving Home Anxiety

Usually when you hear people talk about college and leaving home anxiety, they usually refer to college students and their anxiety. In reality it's most often their parents who have more anxiety and nervousness than the students themselves. Let's look why this is so.

Most parents have an inbuilt need to protect their children; that's the norm for being a parent. As their kids are leaving for college it might be the first time their children are away from home and on their own for longer periods of time as college is certainly not a weekend sleepover! What can parent do when they think of their children in college and they get hit with the college leaving home anxiety? Remember That Your Children Will Be Back Most children come home for holiday breaks, and usually these are very few months apart at the most. In the U.S., Thanksgiving is only about ten weeks after the first semester of most schools.

While college and leaving home anxiety is normal, know that the kids will come back that often for holidays, seasonal breaks, summer breaks, and so on, and this will help break up what can look like a very long break without them. Be Excited For Them As your children have grown up and you have been there for them, sharing all their victories, losses, achievements and goals it can feel that they are moving on without you, leaving you behind. You should look at this from their perspective as well and that way deal with your college and leaving home anxiety. It's a huge step for them towards adulthood and being on their own and they probably feel excited for it.

If you can just try to feel happy and excited for them as well. Prepare Visiting your child's college campus and dorm area gives you a good feeling of the atmosphere and environment and you'll also meet his/her professors and friends. This way you can imagine where your child lives and who he/she spends time with and that might lessen your college leaving home anxiety.

You'll also get to know that college personnel and professors will be looking out for them as well. College and leaving home anxiety can be difficult for both parents and children, however, with some preparation and a good attitude - and of course an email account and regular phone calls - you can find that you will be able to alleviate some of this anxiety at least to a certain extent.

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