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Give her gold When it comes to gift giving, women just love receiving a well thought out present that tells them they are loved and appreciated. Nothing does that better than a gift of gold. Of course the list of gifts that comes in gold are virtually endless so take some time to study her style, her favorite piece of jewelry perhaps, or that new outfit that needs a little adornment. If the recipient likes dangly style bracelets., why not start your own tradition of giving charms every birthday and/or Christmas and special occasion.

After the initial purchase of the bracelet charms are added as and when the occasion rolls around. These bracelets ? rather than be considered a little old fashioned ? actually act as a kind of living history of that person's life. Imagine you have given a scroll when she graduated, a frog when she met her future husband (not an insult but the 'kiss enough frogs until you find one who turns into a prince' idea), a tiny engagement ring when she got engaged, a baby charm when she gave birth, etc., etc. This kind of jewelry becomes a family heirloom over time and many stories will be attached to each and every charm. There are, of course, the ever popular 'heart within a heart' pendants that come apart to make two necklaces.

When one person is away the other one wears both hearts together to signify that they will never be parted (at least in spirit!). When it comes to giving ear-rings then the choice and variety is literally endless. Everything from studs to long, chandelier styles are available. Hoops, plain or embellished, are available in all sizes but generally the larger ones are for the younger woman. Do make sure that you know if the lady has pierced ears or not before you make your choice! In modern times body piercing has become very fashionable with the belly ring being perhaps the most popular.

Gold lends itself to this fashion since it is imperative that the site remains hygienic and clean. Some cheaper jewelry has nickel in it which is the most troublesome metal when it comes to allergies. Most people are allergic to it and it causes infection.

Of course, facial piercing is also in vogue so if it is a daughter or sibling you are buying for then check out their opinions on what is 'in' and what is definitely 'out'. Most common are the nose, eyebrow or tongue piercings but in general, when it comes to piercing, anything goes! Celtic style jewelry is also becoming more and more popular. The designs are taken from ancient stones and manuscripts. They have a kind of organic feel and fit well into today's idea of fashion.

Gold lends itself to this style and the designs are etched into it with beautiful results. The lover's knot is a beautiful piece for a pendant or a ring. Intertwined lines with no end ? romantic! Then there is the claddagh design.

Sometimes known as the Irish wedding ring this design shows clasped hands below a heart. Above the heart is the crown. The idea is that if you wear the heart with the point facing outwards, you are available, if warn with the point facing inwards, you are already taken.

But it gold doesn't necessarily mean jewelry. There are many gifts that come in gold. Small Faberge type eggs with amazing enamel designs would look great in her bedroom or on display in the living area.

What about a gold pen? How stylish that would look when flourishing this exquisite gift while signing contracts etc. It gives the owner an edge of sophistication that is hard to beat in today's competitive world. Gold watches also become family heirlooms if chosen with care. Even cutting edge fashion ? like the minimalist style currently in vogue - will be considered valuable, and collectable, in tomorrow's world. The gift does not necessarily have to be something new or innovative. Consider finding an antique piece which will compliment her style or skin tone.

Jewelry from the 'art noveau' and 'art deco' periods are very popular at the moment and many a 'gem' can be picked up for a few dollars. Some years ago the jewelry of Mrs. Simpson ? later the wife of the former King of England ? came up for sale. These were superb one-off pieces designed specifically for her. The public went crazy for the collection and the collection was sold in super quick time.

Such was the popularity of the designs that it sparked a wave of copy-cat fashion jewelry which is still sold today. Antique pins with precious or semi-precious stones add an air of elegance to any outfit. Perhaps a string of pearls with an antique gold clasp or a gold bracelet with different colored stones set all around. Some bracelets have stones which spell out a hidden message. E.g.

some stones have a meaning which proclaims undying love for the wearer etc. Again, absolutely romantic! Don't forget the feet when you are looking for that special gift. Some ladies love ankle bracelets and several designs come with a small charm hanging from the clasp. This piece of jewelry used to have a bad reputation but over time fashion has decreed it stylish again.

There are also toe rings for the 'hippies' amongst you and nothing is prettier than a toe ring on a well-pedicured foot! With a little bit of homework and investigation the right gift is there just waiting to be bought. You can buy a piece for a few dollars or spend thousands but the important thing to note is that the more thoughtful the gift, the more she will treasure it. Lastly, perhaps the most intimate piece of jewelry is the ring. It doesn't have to be a wedding or engagement ring but the ring does carry some kind of connotation above all other pieces of jewelry.

So beware! You may be saying more than you intended to when you give this gift!.

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