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Happiness Is A State Of Mind

Happiness is not some potion or spell. It is a belief system that we all have in us. Some people are just more aware that it is there.

As I walk down the street, I notice a woman walking by me, with a frown on her face. Her face looks aged to me. The frown makes her face look wrinkly and old. I make it to my destination, the coffee shop. The owner is a happy guy that always greets me with a "Hi Chris, How have you been". He always has a big smile on his face and people love talking to him because he`s always cheery.

What type of person are you? Are you a happy soul or a miserable one. If you were to show up at a gathering of friends , would they all welcome you with a big smile and be happy to see you. Or would they be like "oh great so and so is here". How you carry yourself shows in people around you. Your attitide can directly affect those closest to you. How is happiness attained? First and foremost, you have to love yourself for who you are.

Not everyone can have movie star good looks and abs of steel. That really isn`t important. What is important is who you are on the inside. It is important for you to be positive about yourself, in order to feel happy.

It is a proven fact that people that are happy and use have a positive outlook on a daily basis are healthier than those with a negative attitude. A positive attitude can also help you heal faster. A negative outlook on life will cause you to be unhappy. Your unhappiness will cause stress and stress can wreak havoc on your health. Another important factor to being happy is having friendships. Friends to spend time with and confide in will help releive stress and make you feel needed.

By playing sports, learning new hobbies or joining clubs, you will be able to make friendships. Friends are like having a support system set in place. Having hobbies and interests are very important to being happy. Like the saying goes " all work and no play makes jack a dull boy". It`s important to have interests in life.

They keep us motivated and happy. Just sitting in front of the tv all day will have the opposite effect. People need to have a hobbies to feel busy and motivated. Relationships with family and loved ones is also a factor of happiness.

If you are fighting with your spouse on a daily basis, that creates alot of stress. If you truly want to be a happy person inside and out, you will need to nurture these relationships. By simply reciting positive sayings and affirmations to yourself on a daily basis, you will start to feel better and have a brighter outlook on life.

It works on you sublimally, slowly altering how you view yourself and life around you. In time you will build a positive outlook on life and achieve happiness.

Chris Peterson offers you self help and motivation articles to help you gain happiness in life.

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