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Happy Birthday Cards Do You Send Real Cards Or ECards

Receiving or sending happy birthday cards has always been an afterthought for me. I would stop by the drug store on the way to a friend's birthday party and pick up a happy birthday greeting card, I would sign it, and tape it to the box of the gift that I had already purchased. It never came to my mind that a happy birthday card could be anything but a cheesy, basic greeting.

It is really nothing more than a custom - something to demonstrate that you had thought of your friend enough to offer them your best wishes along with your gift. I did not know there was so many kind of birthday gift cards accessible, and the way some of them have been created. That all changed when one of my friends got me a happy birthday e-card.

If you do not know what a birthday e-card is, it is basically a greeting card that you can mail over the Internet to someone on his birthday. The very first one I received was in fact an animated happy birthday cards. It had a whole flash animation that went with it, accompanied by a story. Basically, it was an animated animal dreaming about all the things that he wanted to get for his birthday. However, all he got at the end was happy birthday cards.

It seems that the gift that the character was offered was in fact supposed to be the happy birthday card that I was receiving at the time. I thought it was cute and funny, but more importantly, it made me understand that with my own birthday greetings I could be more creative. I have tried all sorts of things with happy birthday cards since then! Of course, to find a card that does interesting and cute things, you do not have to send happy birthday cards over the Internet. There actually are singing happy birthday cards that you can buy in stores. While they don't actually "sing", they do play a tune on an annoyingly high-pitched FM chip. They are funny, quirky and cute.

An individual usually appreciate these happy birthday cards for about two minutes, after which they are becoming very annoying. You can also create your own happy birthday cards. I suppose that back in the days, this was how all the people did it. However, it is somewhat of a lost art nowadays. I greatly suggest that you try it though. To be able to make something pretty for someone that you like very much or love is very rewarding.

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