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Having Your First Baby

Many women have been instructed that they will instantly become pregnant if they don't use contraceptives, so it can be quite the disappointment when, after months of trying the desired pregnancy doesn't happen. Many couples that have troubles having a baby don't need the help of an infertility expert, but some do. Before consulting an expert make sure you understand the basics behind getting pregnant.

1. Know Your Ovulation Cycle Timing is everything, and this couldn't be more true for getting pregnant. You will want to time your lovemaking activities in tune with her ovulation cycle.

This cycle is most visible during her period every month, where the egg and lining of the uterus is expelled so the cycle can begin all over again. Thus, missing your period is usually but not always a sign of pregnancy. Day fourteen or fifteen is always the most fertile because it is right in the middle of their ovulation cycle. 2. 72 Hours Per Month There is a 12 hour window for your egg to become fertilised each month. Since sperm can survive in the uterus for up to three days, however, you can access this 12 hour window up to 60 hours before ovulation occurs.

In other words, although it's best to deposit the sperm two or three hours before ovulation, you can do it much earlier and it will still work. 3. Things That Can Help - Both men and women should eat protein rich foods such as meat and fish - Don't drink or smoke - Get quality sleep - Exercise three or more times per week for at least 45 minutes - Men will want to wear loose fitting underwear 4. Conceiving A Baby Sperm quantity is very important, so you won't want to have sex as much as you can. Instead, have sex every two or three days to keep sperm count high. Specifically, you will want to have sex as close as possible to the time that the egg is released into the uterus, or just beforehand so the sperm are already waiting for the egg.

When having sex, use the missionary position so gravity will help the sperm to pool along the wall of the uterus. After having sex the woman can elevate her waist and legs at a 25 degree angle for half an hour to continue this natural process. This has been proven an effective way to increase the chances of getting pregnant. 5. Brain Damage Prevention For Your New Baby Folic acid is directly correlated with babies born with brain or spine defects. If there is even the slightest chance that you might become pregnant, folic acid is something you need to be including in your diet or taking as a nutritional supplement.

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