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How Different Are You To Cat

Have you ever watched National Geographic or Discovery Channel? I personally love these programs very much because this is where we can explore much of the natural life and understand further about the habits of the nature animal. In fact, animal can be generally classified into reptile, mammalian or more. Particularly for mammalian, there are animals like cats, dogs and kangaroos. Even cats family can be further subset to many other species.

But, no matter which animals you are thinking now, animals are creatures that live for what they need, they will spend whole life to protect and fight for what they needs such as their food, their safety and their family. Human beings are the only creature that differs from other animals. Each of the human has their own characteristics, features, thinking and even thumbprint. And, human live for what they 'need' and also what they 'want'. What is the different between the 'need' and 'want' that desire by each of the human? The 'need' is something that every human being can't live without. Every human need to eat, drink, sleeps and breathes.

Now let's see what are the things that human 'want'? Some of the human wants to eat Big Mac, some of the human want to drink Coke, while some of the human want to enjoy their vacation in Five Star Hotel. The 'need' is the basic requirement for surviving; no matter you are in wealthy or starvation country. While 'want' is a kind of mindset when somebody wishes to get something that is more than basic living requirement. And it is totally dependant to our mode of thinking. With different mode of thinking, human will have different formula or algorithm of mind processing. It's the same when one people are facing stress, depression or anxiety.

Some of the people can easily get rid of this mental illness but some of them just can't. A popular statement says that "Some of the people are born to be free of stress but some other is born to be prone of stress event." The fact is, this is not true. It is just a beautiful excuse where human always use to avoid from changing, a refusal to change from the "not-so-comfort" comfort zone. Proper changing is good for problem solving and also self-improvement.

And remember changing is needed to be started from your mindset to the action. Human's brain is performing the same function for every people but the user itself must be able to decide which mode you please to think. This is why human and animal are different, and god give us the opportunity to choose what we 'want'! Don't ever underestimate what your mind can do! You can be one of the mind masters and accelerate your life to the apex! Mind Is The Limit.

Kam Meng, Mok & Keng Yong, Ong writes about self-development. Get a copy of "Stress No More" from and find out more about his work at

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