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How expensive is it really to start a home schooling program

Many believe that starting a home schooling program for their child is much cheaper then sending them to private or public school. This can be true at times, but it all depends on how hard the parents are willing to work and how much effort they want to put into the program. So what exactly are some of the costs you may wonder? Here is a list of 5 high priced items parents have to deal with when setting up a home schooling curriculum for their child.

Research Books This is not necessary, but many parents opt to buy some kind of research books to know what they should teach and learn how to go about teaching their child. Parents that choose not to buy these books usually research online putting more effort in to save some money. This cost on average is around $100-$150 per year.

Newsletters/Conferences Many parents that begin home schooling programs buy newsletters to keep up to date on what they should teach and different methods that work best. This is not necessary either, but is extremely beneficial to your child's development. Conferences are among the same lines, but also allow you to interact with other parents who home school their children and ask questions you may have. For many families, this is new to the parents just as much as it is to the child. These costs average around $150 per year.

Software/Videos/Audio-Cassettes Many home schooling parents use their computer to help teach the child. While the internet and online services are helpful, many go on to purchase programs to install on the computer to enhance the child's learning. On average parents spent around $130 per year on software. Videos and audio-cassettes are purchased for a wide range of subjects from history, math, social studies, and music. These ranged anywhere from $150-200 per year. Classes There are many classes that homeschoolers take that are not available to many parents for their home schooling program.

These classes include music, gymnastics, ballet, Spanish, swimming, baseball, basketball and so on. These classes are one of the most expensive items on the list running on average at $1,500 per year. Text Books The much dreaded cost of text books is one of the key problems parents do not like to think about when setting up a home schooling curriculum. The problem with text books is after a year or two, more have to be bought to keep up with the child's learning development and to keep up with times.

Depending on how many subjects you plan on teaching your child, costs of text books per year is at $400 on average. While these are just some of the costs, there are plenty more to worry about. On average, parents spend around $3,200 per year to home school their child.

While this may be discouraging to some when they see all the costs they were not aware of, it is important to remember the reasons you decided to set up a home schooling program.

Jeff Schuman invites you to visit his homeschooling information website for the parents guide to running a successful homeschooling program.

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