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How to Blast Through Obstacles to Success and Shed Unwanted Habits

You are about to discover a surprisingly simple technology for creating the highest level of success in your business and personal life. This breakthrough technology, Eidetic Imagery, has all the tools you need to create a level of success you may have only dreamt about. What do you want more of in your life? What are you tired of repeating in your life? What street are you going down again and again, always falling into the same hole, no matter how hard you try? This technology, called Eidetic Imagery, will take you from feeling helpless to powerful, from fear or anxiety to excitement - moving easily and confidently in the direction you want to go! You'll get your OWN answers, not band-aids that fall off, only to expose that same old wound again. "When I looked at the mountain of paperwork on my desk, I felt so overwhelmed that I got depressed. I couldn't get started on anything. Then, Wendy Yellen coached me with Eidetic images.

In less than 10 minutes, I went back to my desk, immediately moved the mountain and got right to work on what's important to me. I'm having fun and feeling great about it." - Bob Miner, Ashland, Oregon "Harmonica Bob" Here are just SOME of the areas you may experience a breakthrough in using Eidetic Imagery: * financial abundance * ability to eliminate stress almost instantly * more creativity * sailing through drudgery and paperwork * higher income with less effort * eliminating self-sabotage * getting out of your own way * more confidence * eliminate fear and worry from your life * ENJOY your success more * bring more joy and love into your family and personal relationships * put an end to procrastination and even ENJOY the things you typically put off * ability to quickly implement marketing ideas and strategies * better health * weight loss But I've Never Heard of Eidetics Before! Though Eidetic Imagery may be new to you, top athletic coaches (like Rick Peterson of the Oakland A's and the NY Mets), several international (life) "coaches of the year", artists and writers, former Olympic gymnasts, CEOs of multi-million dollar companies, United Nations diplomats, Joseph Campbell, and William E. Simon, (former US Secretary of the Treasury), all have used this technology to improve their performance, enhance their confidence, access more ease, improve their leadership skills, and more. Eidetic Imagery was developed and rigorously tested around the world at prominent universities and research settings by Akhter Ahsen, Ph.D.

For almost 50 years, his work has been recognized for its ability to break through blockages toward the emotional, physical, mental, and spiritual well-being that is our birthright! He has authored over 30 books, published in several languages, and established training institutes in the US, Canada, and Europe. Getting Unstuck Do you have a current situation where you feel stuck or powerless? Perhaps you'd like to create greater success in your business but it's more difficult that you would have thought. Maybe you can't be as creative as you like in solving a problem in your business or personal life. Or you have piles of paperwork or taxes to do and even electric cattle prods can't make you do it. "I also use another Eidetics tool all the time.

It takes just seconds, and I instantly feel grounded and focused. It always brings me back to a different perspective, and instant calm, even in difficult situations. "I know without a doubt that these results are specifically from the Eidetics work I did with Wendy Yellen." "One year ago Wendy took me through the Eidetic Imagery technology and I was able to blow through my taxes, have it be easy, effortless, handled in no time. And.

it's that time of year again. This time doing my taxes went even easier; it took less time this year than it did last year. Everything I needed was readily available; it felt like I went into autopilot.

Everything just fell into place. Truly. In an easy and relaxed manner and a healthy and positive way.

" - Eva Gregory, CEO, Leading Edge Coaching & Training Here's a Tool You Can Use in 3 Minutes or Less! Here's how to use the "filter technique", one of many Eidetic tools, with YOUR situation. HINT #1: Suspend your "thinking" while you use this tool - simply follow the suggestions. What you experience may surprise you, and may not be what you'd expect if you "thought" about it. HINT #2: Eidetic Imagery has nothing to do with your ability to visualize. So, don't worry if you typically have trouble visualizing.

1) See an image of a situation in which you feel stuck. Let it come to you. Let it be vague or vivid. It doesn't matter.

Take a good look at this image. Watch it. Don't imagine you already know how it looks - use the other 95% of your mind (the other-than-conscious part that actually controls everything) and watch. 2) Keeping your father "in mind", watch the same image, dealing with the situation.

Your father may not be someone you would "think" would be good in this situation. Don't let that stop you! Some of the best results are when you try an image and it acts counter to what you would have "thought". 3) You may actually see your father in the image, or you may simply keep him in mind, either way is fine. What's important is, as you keep him in mind, watch the image! (Reminder: suspend thinking and watch the image - no matter how vague or vivid it is.) 4) Notice yourself in the image, dealing with the situation. Do you have any resources you didn't have before? How do things go for you? Are you more successful? Less successful? Are you more or less comfortable? How do you feel in the image? 5) If the "filter" of your father does not help, try keeping your mother in mind and follow the instructions in #2-4 above.

If she doesn't help, then try a trusted friend or colleague or even someone from history or mythology. Keep trying on filters until you find one that works for you. 6) The important part is - first, watch the image - even if it's vague! It doesn't matter at this point if you can't "see" images. Trust whatever you get, even if it's thin as smoke. 7) Once you've found a winner for this specific situation, spend a few minutes a day seeing this image, with that person in mind.

As you watch, notice how your body feels and what you do in the image. (Hint: The mind blowing part is, by watching and joining with this image, you literally RE-WIRE yourself, and your actions and feelings will change in the "stuck" situation. You won't have to "remember" to do something different - it will just happen!) 8) By repeatedly seeing yourself successful in that situation, using that person as a filter, you shift yourself internally and ACCESS more of that success within you! 9) Finally, when you actually go to deal with that situation, keep your "filter" person "in mind" - and watch as you sail through what used to feel stuck! (As you probably know, this has nothing to do with how you relate to your ACTUAL mother or father) Take each situation in which you want more success, one by one. Use the filter technique on each specific situation.

Remember, one size does NOT fit all. One woman used her father filter when she wanted to complete her work and not get side-tracked or overwhelmed. AND, she found that her mother filter worked to help her get to meetings and appointments on time.

She discovered this difference when she tried each filter on the two very different "problems" - being late and completing tasks. Sometimes, people are VERY surprised at which filter works for them. Another example - one client's mother never went to college, but when she tried to use mother as a filter for a complicated business situation, she saw herself sailing through the dilemma, and succeeding like gangbusters! Wow - was she surprised! (That's why I suggest not "thinking", and instead, watch the images - you will get so much more than you might have imagined!) You don't have To DO anything! Over and over, people rave about and appreciate that the filters do the work FOR them. You don't have to "remember" or "try" to act a certain way - it just happens - like you've been re-wired.

For some people, it's difficult to find ANY filter that "works". If that's true for you, then you may have just found a key to what is holding you back, why you may sometimes feel you have one foot on the brake and one on the gas. Not to worry! That's the gift of Eidetic Imagery ' to dissolve the gap between where you are and where you KNOW you can be.

(C) 2008 PGE, Inc.

Eidetic Imagery was developed by Akhter Ahsen, Ph.D. and rigorously tested at prominent universities and research institutes around the world. With 27 years experience in the personal development arena, Wendy Yellen found Eidetic Imagery to be the most powerful, laser-focused way to break through old, stuck patterns. [(c) 2008 PGE, Inc.] If you'd like more tools you can get a FREE copy of her 7 Part Mini-Course, "Re-Wire Yourself for Success" by going

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