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How to Create Cool Teens Halloween Costumes

Your little tikes aren't so little anymore, so the real Halloween gore and mischief can begin now. Whether your teen loves Hannah Montana or wants to be a flesh-eating zombie, here are some cool Halloween costumes you and your teen can create. Cool Halloween Costumes for Teens: Hannah Montana Miley Cyrus is about as big as Britney Spears right now, and so is her character Hannah Montana. There's no doubt teens want to emulate this cool singing sensation, so here's how to assemble Hannah Montana teen Halloween costumes.

Items: Blond wig White tank top Gold belt Short black skirt Knee-high black boots Black fishnet stockings How to assemble: It's very straightforward. Put on the wig and clothes, and you're set. If you really want to emulate Hannah Montana, put on sheer lip gloss and glittery eyes hadow. These are cool, parent-approved Halloween costumes for all teens wishing to emulate Miss Cyrus. Cool Halloween Costumes for Teens: Jack Sparrow With three movies and legions of teens following this Hollywood icon, actor Johnny Depp portrayed the spirited Jack Sparrow in Pirates of the Caribbean. Now thousands of teens wish to emulate this pirate for Halloween.

Here's how to assemble Jack Sparrow teen Halloween costumes. Items: Black wig Headband Pirate jacket Loose fitted white shirt Buccaneer pants Fake mustache and goatee Boots Eyeliner How to assemble: Before you begin assembling the costume, put on your eyeliner. Sparrow's eyeliner is only on his bottom eyelids. It's very thick and black, so work it in. Note: Black eyeliner goes on darker if you wet it. Alternatively, you can take black eye shadow, wet the brush, and fill it under your eyelids.

After that's done, you want to prepare the wig. Sparrow's wig is messy with random braids. Mess up the wig, add stray braids, and put in on your head.

Place the headband on your head. Next comes the important part of this cool teen Halloween costume: assembling the clothes. Put on the loose-fitted shirt, making sure it puffs out.

Slip on the Buccaneer pants and boots. Next, put on the pirate jacket, buttoning it up slightly. Your teen Halloween costume is finished, ready for pirating the seven seas. Cool Halloween Costumes for Teens: Flesh-eating Zombie For more macabre teens, a zombie costume should thrill them. Zombies have haunted their way into mainstream America, and many teens love these Halloween costumes.

Here's one way to assemble zombie teen Halloween costumes: Items: Zombie mask Ragged clothes Fake blood How to assemble: If you can't find ragged clothes, take regular clothes and scrub it against a cheese grater. Put those clothes on, tie your hair back (if it's long enough) and put the zombie mask on. For a really cool effect, take fake blood and pour it over your mask. It'll freak some people out, but wasn't that the intention anyway? These certainly aren't the only teen Halloween costumes your adolescent can wear, so come up with your own cool costumes! There are a wide array of cool teen Halloween costumes online, and even the pickiest teenager can find a costume worthy of their "cool." If your teens aren't inspired by this list, look to their interests and ask who they want to emulate this year ? and you can certainly find the teen Halloween costume online.

Stay safe and Happy Halloween.

Paul Hulse is the webmaster of the Halloween Costume store Please visit us for more information on our Teen Halloween Costumes

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