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How To Find Your Passion In Life

I had an Aunt named Connie. She was a very talented clothing designer. While she had no formal training and was just in High School her sketches were beautiful and designs extraordinary. Her dream was to be a designer when she grew up. This was her love, her passion.

Unfortunately for her my Grandfather pulled her out of school and sent her to work in a factory. My Grandmother was ill and the family needed the money. My Aunts career ended up being, a part time Jewelry salesperson at JC Pennies. She never did reach her full potential. Many people do not even know what they want to do or be when they grow up.

They have a passion (or maybe 2 or 3) but do not know how to make it into a career. Or they do and someone like their parents talk them out of it and into something safe. Be an accountant they say the money's good and there's always work. So we dutifully do what they say. Of course they're our parents.friends.

teachers.whomever and they do have our best interests at heart. Then we wind up in a job that's boring at best or one we hate so much that we want to put an end to our misery and maybe jump off the building. STOP, this is your life.

Trust me it hasn't yet been proven we have another. You must make a very conscious thought out decision about what you want to do. Look at what you do now that brings you pleasure. Do you love putting on makeup, listening to music, going to concerts, reading, television, cars? The list is endless. But there is something that you love in this world. And no matter what, there is a career to be had doing what you love.

Won't your life be better doing something that brings you pleasure rather something you dread gong to everyday. There is another bonus to doing something you love. You are usually way more successful because you work harder even when you are not there and you bring your best self to it.

You are fully engaged which helps the ideas to flow.` At a very young age I decided that I wanted to be rich. My parents did not have much money so they had to watch every penny coming in.

I still to this day am amazed at how my mother can make a penny into dollar. However, I didn't want to watch the pennies. I wanted enough money so that I could do and buy what I wanted. I figured that if I went into business (I didn't know what business) I could earn a lot.

As I got older I realized having my own business would be better and I could get more money plus the freedom that having your own company entails. I had no idea what I should do in business and believe me there are more options than I can write about even if I tool a month to do it. My best friend was entering the fashion industry so that is what I did. Luckily it worked out.

I have enjoyed my career and have been successful at it. It could have easily gone the other way. Yet, if I had to do it all over I would pick my field with more conscious choice thought. Business is my passion. I love the creativity that goes into starting and developing one. But I would have researched all the options.

I would have made lists of different business/products. Edited it down to what sounded the most interesting and than did my due diligence on each one after. I would have researched what path I would take in the business I liked.

Today there are so many web sites you can go to find out the information. You can check out colleges and universities, associations, is a good site to ask questions on just about anything.

Find mentors, ask them how t go about it. Then try interning or working part time in the job to see if it's a fit. Let's say you love animals and after searching the web you decide that you want to work in pet nutrition. Than you find the colleges who specialize in this field. You contact the Dean and find out what you need to do to get into the college.

It could be that you volunteer at a local animal shelter. You like this job and you learn hands on what the animals like to eat, what makes their coats sleek and shiny. The is a recap of the process to finding your passion. 1.

List the things you love to do (Do not edit and talk yourself out of anything). Just write it even if you don't think it could be a job. 2. Than you edit to the top 2-3 things you like the best. 3.

Research find out about the fields and what you can do in each field. 4. Experiment - try to get part time work in these fields try them on for size. 5.

When you have it narrowed down choose a college or university and find out what they require to get into these schools. 6. Find mentors in the field of your choice to help guide you through the process from choosing, to educating, to finding a job. Copyright (c) 2007 Create My Career.

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