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How to Improve Your Memory with Memorization Techniques

As we have become more reliant on on computers and electronic diaries, the more forgetful we have come, and most people find it difficult to remember basic things such as names and phone numbers. If you want to start remembering things without relying on electronic devices and improve your memory, then it is possible to learn some memorization techniques. It is possible to train yourself to remember names, phone numbers and more. Memorization techniques will teach you ways of storing information so that you don't have to write things down in order to remember them.

Memorization methods tend to use visualization, repetition and imagination to make up songs or stories incorporating the information. There are many memorization techniques available to help you remember things, but those just mentioned are a great way to begin. Repetition - Constantly saying the same thing again and again or jotting information down is a common way for most people. However, this method for memorization can be used for any type of knowledge and is not restricted to mere numbers. When meeting a new face for the first time, try repeating their name silently for a while until it is a part of your memory.

This technique can help you recall almost anything, from names to birthdays. To be certain that the knowledge is part of your memory, constantly say it to yourself mentally until you know it well. Thinking In Pictures - Thinking in pictures is a great way to remember details, and it is the way that most people with photographic memories recall details.

It is common to use the image of a candle to symbolize number one, and the hand to symbolize the number five as a hand commonly has five fingers. As a memorization technique, thinking in pictures is an effective way to remember details, and is especially useful for addresses and phone numbers. Create A Story - Imagining a story is a great way to help you retain complicated details. To aid you in these methods, visualize a man going to the local grocer to buy a loaf of bread.

He replays the word bread continuously in his mind but upon reaching the store, he cannp0t recall the specific aisle to locate the bread. He shows one of the shop assistants a picture of bread, and then proceeds to tell them a story about the first loaf of bread ever made. Though this example doesn't contain any difficult information, this memorization technique can be used for difficult or hard to remember details, as it engages your brain, and therefore, your memory.

Moses Wright knows how useful it is to own a good memory in your head. He sets up a site providing tips and guide to help people improve their memory.

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