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Law of Attraction Getting to Know the Universe

Does feeling good have anything to do with receiving your desire? Yes. The more excited you are about your desire and the better you feel about yourself, the higher the vibrational energy that is emitted, connecting you directly to the universe. Vibrations are the energy that is emitted from our thoughts, emotion, soul and mind. Depending on how you are feeling on any given day, those vibrations can be high or low. The higher the vibration the more positive energy.

It's the same type of energy you emit when you are in love or when you have just purchased the house or car of your dreams. The lower the vibration, the lower the energy out-put; it is equivalent to someone who is sick and their body and mind are not in sync. Let's delve a little deeper into how vibrations play a part in bringing your dreams, desires and goals into fruition. Connecting to the universe for a desire is like telepathy; words are not necessary for the universe to respond, for it does not speak, hear or see in the same fashion as a human. It's all about your thoughts, feelings, and energy this is what the universe responds to the quickest.

Think about the last time you were having a conversation on your cell phone and the call dropped. Well, you were in-between cellular towers and your signal was interrupted because there was a void between your phone and the tower's signal. Once you were back in line with one of the cellular towers, the conversation was reconnected or you had to make the call again. Dropped calls would be the equivalent to being sick, thinking negative thoughts not being aligned with your soul. In connecting to the Universe you must be aware of your feelings and your intentions.

It all boils down to what are you thinking, and what are you feeling. Becoming aware of your thoughts and feelings will lead you to make better decisions and attract new wanted experiences. Sometimes a dropped call is your subconscious mind remembering an earlier experience and then disconnecting; not wanting to have the same outcome. This is exactly how it works with in the Universal Law of Attraction. When you feel good you are directly connected.

Subsequently, if you are feeling bad or are in a stressed situation, you are not directly connected to the Universe; hence, a dropped signal. In order to receive your desire, you must stay totally aligned with feeling good, believing and having faith.

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