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Laws of Success

Most of the 64 Laws of Success are short and sweet, but very important to your success. As the saying goes, sometimes less is more - pay attention! These laws always work when you apply them. Success Law #7: Map Out Inspiring Goals. Are you bored with life? You don't have enough goals! Your mind never sleeps. Your brain is constantly on the lookout for what it can achieve or create next. When you don't give your subconscious mind specific instructions on exactly what you want, how much of it, and when, it can't perform to the level that is within its power.

Scattered and half-hearted instructions to your subconscious produce scattered half-hearted results in your life. What is it that gets your juices flowing? What gets you so excited that you can't sleep at night? What do you want and why? What do you dream about? Write them all down! Fill out an "order form" of exactly what you want, how much, and by when, then give it to your brain by reading it (preferably out loud) at least three times every day. Make sure to include specifics such as amount, size, color, date and any other details that are important to you. Leave nothing to your brain's interpretation - spell it out clearly and concisely (there's a big difference in your mind between the vague "I want a new car" description and the more precise "I want a new metallic blue Mini Cooper GS," you see?}. Your subconscious will go immediately to work to create your goals as results in your life. Along the journey of creation, your mind, now having daily instructions, will help make you aware of what to focus on, what to act on, who to pay attention to, and who and what to ignore.

Ideas will flow into your mind effortlessly for you to act on. In addition to achieving your goals, implementing this process will have also helped you learn new skills, broaden your horizons and relationships, and tear down self-imposed walls and fears. Get'r done! :-) Success Law #19: Use feedback to improve on what you're doing. Once you start taking action, you'll begin getting many types of feedback on how you're doing. Feedback can come in the form of the results that you're getting, praise, help, support, direction, or criticism from others. Respond to feedback positively, even that which is negative.

All feedback should be considered valuable because it is there to propel you to more skills, knowledge, and applications as you adjust and continue to move forward. Can you see that the universe is telling you how, why and where to improve what you're doing? If you want to get even closer to achieving your goals, listen to the feedback you're getting and adjust your sails to the wind, even if you have to head back to shore to chart a new course. You may find that much of the time (in fact, most of it!), you're veering off track and having to constantly adjust to eventually reach your destination. This is normal. As long as you are diligent in first listening to feedback and then responding positively to it over and over again, you will reach your goal! Do you want to reach your goal even faster? Ask for feedback! Ask your customers, clients, prospects, friends, and family members how they feel you're doing in a particular area on a scale of 1 - 10.

If you get less than a 10, ask how you could bring it up to a 10, then listen to and thank them for the answer. Keep in mind that all feedback isn't accurate because it relates to the person giving the feedback more than it does you (or your product or service). Inevitably, some feedback will feel uncomfortable. Before you throw any feedback out with the bathwater, remember to honestly reconsider it again later when you're not so emotionally involved with it or the feedback giver.

Use common sense, consider the source, and allow your gut instinct to tell you whether you should be responding to any particular feedback. You're going to fall off the bike a lot on the journey to achieving your goal. Just get up, dust yourself off, get back on the bike, and keep riding. The fall itself was feedback on what to watch out for or what not to do next time you encounter a similar situation. The positive? Your expertise and skills are growing - keep at it!.

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