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Some racing games slavishly copy real-life technology, boasting breathtaking verisimilitude and leave the pistons of the most socially challenged petrol head pumping furiously. Others leave realism stalled on the grid and career headlong into impossible stunts and gravity, defying manoevers in pursuit of points, the visual Wow factor and highly improbable speeds. Mario Kart is a worthy addition to the fifteen year old serries, its a beguiling blend of high-octane control and superb fun for the player.

What initially appears to be a cartoonish romp is actually a technical challenge . The 50cc stages are exclusively for Karts ,the 100 cc races are initially for bikes only . Yes, you will need to practise to progress but putting in the hours is rescued from repetitiveneness by classic Nintendo nonsence and imaginative blending of speed, giving features such as rapids, conveyor belts, ice slaloms with a knuck whitening need to shave seconds off your times.

Eight of the twelve vehicles in the races are actually computer controlled. Mario Kart Wii Nintendo,is the lattest addition to the fifteen year old series and offers a beguiling blend of high octane control and is the best game since Super Mario Galaxy.

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