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Marriage Counseling Finding Grounds For Marriage

What do these celebrities have in common? Britney Spears and Jason Allen Alexander Robin Givens and Mike Tyson Lisa Marie Presley and Nicolas Cage Carmen Electra and Dennis Rodman Seeking a divorce in record time! There are always headlines about the latest celebrity couple that is splitting up. They spout a variety of reasons from trivial to serious for their divorce. However, it seems that looking for grounds for divorce is their first option rather than conflict resolution. Let's Work It Out A recent poll conducted by the MarriageAdvice website found that 56% of the respondents would rather try and work through the problem of an unfaithful spouse, than divorce them as their first option. The poll asked, "What Would You Do If You Discovered Your Spouse Was Cheating On You?" Of the 751 respondents, 37% said they would get marriage counseling, 19% said they would forgive their spouse, and 37% said they would seek a divorce. So how do we keep our marriages intact when a spouse has committed one of the greatest sins in the marriage commandments? What Is The Value Of Your Marriage Investment? Beth Young, Senior Editor at the MarriageAdvice website responded, "When an unfaithful spouse has trampled their marriage vows, it will be difficult to trust them for a long time.

Whether we have invested a few months or decades into our marriage relationship, we need to seriously consider the value of our investment." Young comments, "If we value our relationship, then we are less likely to look at divorce as the first option when facing the heartache of an unfaithful spouse. Although there is NEVER any justification for infidelity, this could act as a wake up call to try and determine why the spouse was looking elsewhere. The Value Of Counseling In a review conducted by psychologist, William M.

Pinsof and Lyman C. Wynne, they concluded that significant data existed to support the efficacy of family and couples counseling. In fact, 75% of couples receiving therapy are better off than similar couples who do not receive therapy. Young concluded, "After this painful mistake is worked through, and sincere efforts are made by both spouses, they may find that their marriage is stronger and their communication much better. Of course, I'm not suggesting that infidelity is a good way to strengthen your marriage, but the steps taken to repair the marriage are of value at all times in any marriage.

" It should warm our heart to know that the majority of the respondents are willing to work through this serious threat to their marriage and get relationship advice rather than throw in the towel. In the wise words of Robert Anderson, "In every marriage more than a week old, there are grounds for divorce. The trick is to find, and continue to find, grounds for marriage.".

Beth Young is the Senior Editor of the leading marriage advice web site, To download your free ebook titled, "101 Marriage Secrets" visit

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