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NLP Reach Breathtaking Abundance Through the Levels of Success

NLP offers lots of tools to achieve success and I’m going to explain a tool used as a framework for our quest of breathtaking abundance. It is the model of the ‘NLP logical levels’, developed by Robert Dilts, one of the main developer in that field. This NLP model is composed of 6 levels. I will explain to you each level and how you can use them to achieve whatever you desire in life. The first level of this NLP model is the level of “Spiritual”.

Spiritual meaning everything that transcends ourselves, that is beyond ourselves. This is the level where you’re going to define your vision, personally and professionally. The second level of this NLP model is the level of “Identity”. The question related to that level is “Who are you?” Whether you’re a person or an organization, you can define who you are and your mission or the mission of the organization.

The third level of this NLP model is the level of “Beliefs and Values”. A value is something that is important to you. A belief is an idea that we confirmed in our mind and that is part of the reality of our world.

What are your beliefs and values that you need to reach your vision? The fourth level of this NLP model is the level of “Strategies”. The question related to this level is “how do I do, in terms of mental strategies, to reach my vision?” What kind of strategies do I need to put in place in order to succeed and achieve my goals and dreams? The fifth level of this NLP model is the level of “Behavior”, or “Action”. The question related to this level is “What do I need to do to reach my goals, visions and dreams?” Massive action is required to achieve any goal. The greater the vision or goal, the more you will need to act. Take massive action today and achieve your dreams tomorrow. The last level of this NLP model is the level of “Environment”.

Do you know the power of influence? It can help you achieve whatever you desire. Meet and hang out with people that have the same passion and goals. Get rid of negative people and leave negative environment. Even if it requires moving to another state or country, do it.

I did it, 2 times… Follow these 6 steps: define a vision, clarify your mission, develop empowering beliefs, determine your strategy, take massive action and hang out with positive people. These 6 tips will ensure your success.

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