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Of College Students Will Be Victims Of Crime What Will The Other Do Different

83% of college students will experience crime. What will the other 17 % do different? I was sitting around the dinner table talking to my kids when the subject of college came up. They shared all their hopes and dreams about the college life.

I thought to myself man this a big step for kids who barely know how to clean their own room. They have no idea about the streets outside this community. Since college was fast approaching for one of them.

I began to think of ways I can make a difference. Ideas started to come. I know I will tell them what friends to make. No, they rarely listen to that advice now.

Oh I know, I will give them advice on getting good grades. No, better not, multiple guesses did not work well for me either. Hey, the college parties are always interesting.

I will just tell them not to go to those things no matter how much fun they seem to be. Yeah, that will work. But wait, they maybe several hundred miles away, how do I know if they take my advice? How do I know now? Sure they say OK.

It never dawn me to tell them how to stay safe and secure in an environment full of ways to become a victim. The most significant contribution you can make to your Kids College life is making sure they finish without becoming a victim of crime. Going to college is a slam dunk decision for most people.

The average college graduate earns 70 percent more than those who stop at a high school diploma. Because crime on college campuses has been on the rise within the past few years, it is crucial for students to follow certain safety tips. Criminals choose college students because they are seen as easy prey. Most of them are away from home for the first time and are usually very trusting. They want to make a good impression so they strive to please everyone even undesirables. You do not have to be an expert to give a student advice on the little things that will make them safe and possibly save a life.

Dormitories and apartment complexes and housing areas surrounding college campuses are especially vulnerable to criminal activity. Throughout the college years, your child will have plenty of stressors in their life, such as exams, papers, presentations, jobs, friends, and even family. If they are like the average college student, they will have enough on their mind without having to worry about school safety, but unfortunately, in this day and age, staying safe on campus is an issue that students must think about. Fortunately most crimes can be prevented with extra precaution. Tell your college student to only admit their visitors to the residence halls. Your student can also aid in security by making sure outside doors of residence halls shut securely behind them.

During peak hours, it is a good idea to double check security doors as you enter and leave. When a door is left open, insist that your resident assistant or security guard check for doors left ajar during the day and at night. Students should never loan their room key to anyone under any circumstances. Make sure your apartment or dorm room has secure locks on doors and windows. Always lock your apartment or dorm room even if you are going to be gone for just a few minutes.

Also be sure to lock your doors at night as well. Have the locks changed if you ever lose the keys to your residence. Criminals shy away from loud noise or attention so leave lights or a radio on at your apartment so it looks like someone is always home. Never open the door for someone you do not know.

Ask anyone who gives you a ride home to wait around until you have safely entered your apartment or dorm building. College is stressful enough without having an act of crime divert you from the road to success. Have you college student learn about security in the surrounding area as soon as they arrive. Learn as much as you can about the people with whom you associate. If any of them seem like bad news report them and seek new company.

Trust your gut feeling and be careful whom you take into your confidence, because people with whom you associate may commit crimes. College is new adventure and you should not spoiled it by being unaware of your surrounding and giving criminals half a chance.

Johnny A. Jenkins, Distribution Director of Repeller Technology, provides self-defense and safety products, tips and advice to fit most situations. Make your surroundings safer for you and loved ones today at: Repeller Technology.

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