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Planning a Baby Shower Before Hosting

If you have decided to host a baby shower you may not have any idea where to begin or exactly what is involved. Hosting a baby shower can be a lot of work and requires a good plan of attack. There are many things you should know that include etiquette and the expectations of the baby shower. You want this to an enjoyable and exciting event for everyone invited, especially new mom. You should start planning the baby shower at least four weeks before the planned date.

This gives you lots of time to be organized. You'll have plenty of time to organize games, gifts, and prizes. First you'll need to pick a date for the shower. Most baby showers are planned one to two months before the day that the baby is due and the party is usually held on the weekend so as many guests as possible can attend.

You should check with the new mother to make sure that the date works for her and doesn't exclude any of her family members or close friends. Ask the new mother for a list of people she would like to have invited. If you are planning that the baby shower be a surprise you should ask family and friends if you have missed anyone that should be on the guest list.

People can become very upset if they're not invited to the baby shower and you want to make sure that you don't miss anyone. Once you have the date set and the guest list planned you can start deciding what type of food and beverages that you're going to be serving. You'll also want to plan what type of a cake to have and whether or not you're going to center the party on a certain theme. Once you've made all these decisions you can go about getting thing started and ready for that special day.

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