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Planning the Perfect Baby Shower

Planning a baby shower can often be stressful Fortunately, there are many wonderful online resources with helpful suggestions to de-stress you. There are several websites that offer baby shower games with beautiful graphics that you can purchase online and print off to use. Some of these games are quite fun.

I particularly like the scratch off cards where you can win a prize. You do however, have to purchase these cards separately, leaving enough time to have them shipped to you before the shower. They can not be printed to your computer. The games that you can print off your own computers are great, especially if you are in a pinch for time. One good place to shop for baby shower games that you can download and print is

The first step to having the perfect baby shower is to set the date. You need to schedule the shower four to six weeks from the mother-to-be's estimated due date. You don't want to plan the shower too far from the baby's due date since some babies come early! Most showers are planned for weekends to ensure that those invited will more than likely attend, although some are planned in the evenings and that is fine. You may have fewer attendees if scheduled during the week. Next, is to create the guest list. Selecting attendees, can be a little tricky, especially if you are planning a surprise shower.

If the mother-to-be is aware of the shower, ask her for a list. If it is not a surprise shower, go over the list with the mother-to-be so that someone important does not get left out!Otherwise, you'll need to call her closest friends and family members to help you put a list together. This part of the planning process is one of the most time consuming.

Couple showers are becoming more and more popular in today's changing times and may be an option to be considered. You will next need to select the location for the shower. Due to cost, most showers are held in the home of a close friend or relative (usually the person hosting the event). Other locations that don't usually require additional costs, would be picnic type showers at a local park or a local church. If you do want to spend a more to make this celebration special, you could have a restaurant set aside a section of their restaurant to have the celebration. Restaurants don't usually charge for the location, as long as some type of food is being purchased.

Hotels, generally have meeting rooms that can provide an excellent place to have a shower. I believe those rooms would be in the $100-$150 range unless you are hosting a lavish party, in which case, costs would be more.

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