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Printing Incredible Photo Wedding Invites

If you have a favorite photo or want to make a special and personalizes wedding invitation a photograph is a great way to go. Using a photo wedding invitation can instantly set the mood for the up and coming wedding and give people a nice little update about you. This is especially helpful to distant cousins and old friends you haven't seen since high school.

A photo wedding invite can be a lot of fun but you will want to plan how to get it printed and ready to go. Printing a photo wedding invitation can be done in a lot of different ways. We have listed three for you to consider below. Do It Yourself If you are fairly competent on the computer this can easily be done on your own.

The advantage to printing your own wedding invites is you can easily personalize them and make them very unique. Add different colors or clipart and make it an original piece of art! You can buy blank cards at almost any good stationary store and then just run them through the printer. You will want to make sure you have the following supplies on hand or at least readily available before you start printing though.

Photo quality printer Extra printer ink Blank cards Your picture ready Clip art Photo Software (Only if you want to edit, optimize, or make changes to the picture) Online This is another very popular option for many people printing large amounts of photo wedding invitations. If you are planning on sending out more then 100 or 200 photo wedding invites then you might use an online service instead of trying to do it yourself. This can save time and not cost a lot of extra money and it will be one less thing to worry about. You simply upload your photograph to the website, enhance the picture by adding borders and getting rid of the red eye and then order the cards.

The company will then take your order, print the pictures and quickly mail them to you ready to go. This whole process typically takes less then a week to get done and will only take you about 30 minutes of work. So if you are pressed for time and don't mind spending a little extra this is the route to go. To find services that will do this for your online you can try typing any of the following keywords: Photo wedding invitation Photo wedding invites Wedding invitation with photograph Custom wedding invitations Print shop If you are not very comfortable with a computer or don't feel safe using your credit card online to pay for the wedding photo invitations then you might want to go a more traditional route. Don't worry this can still be a very easy process and even though many things are online today you can still get them done in a more traditional way.

The advantage to having them done at a local print shop is you have someone to go back to and complain to if there are any problems. This little extra bit of security can be a nice feature should you have to use it. You can find a ton of shop that will quickly, cheaply and easily print the photo wedding invites for you by just looking in your local yellow pages.

The cost is typically a little high then the two above ways but again you will have personal contact with a professional printer. They can also help make suggestions and layout some ideas to assist you in putting together the invitations. No matter what way you choose your photo wedding invites are sure to be a big hit. When you guests open these invitations and pull out a beautiful picture of you and your happy groom or bride they will know immediately how happy you are together. They say a picture is worth a thousand words as we have all heard and it is definitely the case in this setting. is a great resource for all of your wedding planning needs including free articles and advice on: photo wedding invties and invitations.

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