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Professional Nanny Service Provides Peace of Mind for Parents about the Welfare of Their Children

Los Angeles, CA (PRWEB) May 30, 2008 What is more important to a parent than providing the highest quality of life for their children? Being assured that you are giving the best of all things and embracing your child with love, strong moral values and a healthy environment is the top priority for any concern mother and father. You work hard to afford the best for your children which make finding the right nanny to care for them of equal importance.

Nanny for You is a Los Angeles based placement agency with one goal in mind; to bring to your home the professional, trustworthy Nanny or Housekeeper you are searching for. Whether your needs are for a full time, part time, live in or live out employee, Nanny for You expend great care in providing loving, dependable personnel who take pride in their work and adhere to the highest standard of excellent service.

Each candidate for employment with the agency must have at least two years prior experience within their field before they can be considered for affiliation with the company.

We will give you an extra measure of confidence that you and your loved ones are in wise and caring hands. We thoroughly screen every one of our nannies and housekeepers across the board in such areas as criminal background, National and State Sex Offender Registry, confirmation to prove legal authorization to work in the U.S. in addition to verification of DMV and address history. All Nanny for You employees are required to have a valid drivers license and for all childcare professionals it is mandatory that they be certified in First Aid and CPR within 30 days of placement.

Practicing the utmost sensitivity and attention to the smallest detail creates an environment of safety and trust that is irreplaceable to any parent and home owner when looking for domestic assistance. Background information on Nanny for You professionals are provided for clients and allow for complete disclosure of potential hires.
At Nanny for You we know that each client has unique criteria and job specifications. For this reason we take any necessary steps to learn your requirements and needs. Like onsite visits and personal interviews; anything that can help us provide you with the most qualified domestic employee that meets our clients needs and exceeds our clients desires and expectations. It is this stalwart practice of exceptional service that creates a perfect fit for each family and imparts tremendous satisfaction on a job well done.

Nanny for You can be contacted through their web site or call the direct number at (310) 867-1358. For those Nannies and Housekeepers inquiring about employment go to the Contact Us section of the web site to fill out an application.


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