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Raw foods and Kids

As more people start to eat raw foods for dinner, they are starting to realize the many benefits of this diet. Raw foods can be defined as foods that are in their natural state and not cooked. Barbecuing, baking, and frying, although all are favorite pasttimes, cook away much of the nutrition and natural flavoring of our foods. Published studies and reports state it is unhealthly to cook vegetables and fruits. This is the primary way to have vitamin and nutrient loss, although you should be gaining these through your eating habits. Raw foods can be classified into two categories, suncooked and uncooked.

Fruits that are ripened by the sun are called suncooked, and vegetables eaten in their natural state are called uncooked. Vitamins, Minerals and powerful antioxidants are all of high nutritional value. Raw fruits and vegetables are in season during summer and this is the best time to get them.

Fruits and vegetables that have been stored or processed for long periods of time lose their nutritional value. The best thing to do during this season is to eat frozen fruits and vegetables. According to professional naturopathies, there are many benefits to eating raw foods, especially for children. Raw foods is one of the best ways for children at all ages to get the vital nutrients and vitamins from their diet. They will receive benefits that will include: ? higher energy levels ? regulate body weight ? better digestive system functioning ? better focusing ability ? can reduce the chances of degenerative diseases in the future ? milder and less frequent colds It is recommended by experts that you use a 75% raw foods and 25% cooked foods in this type diet.

This way you are sure to get all the vitamins and minerals you can from raw foods and obtain the meats required to keep healthy. With the knowledge of the benefits of raw foods, consider the benefits of organically produced fruits and vegetables. Take caring for your health and the health of your children one step futher! The creation of organic fertilizers allows you to buy your regular raw fruits and vegetables without the scary effects that pesticides can bring. You can now avoid this long-time concern.

Every store has an organic produce section. The initial cost may be greater, but it is a worthwhile investment. Children are at a higher risk for different conditions and diseases when they consume hugh amounts of chemically based fertilizers and pesticides in their food. Due to that, unwanted toxins can build up throughout the body, but especially in the digestive tract and colon and these can cause a blockage. Blockages of this kind will weaken your immune system.

Through healthy eating you can cleanse these toxins. Raw foods avoid the cooking processes that destroy important enzymes. Enzymes play a critical part in aiding with digestion and fight free radicals from both foods and the air. Temperatures of 55 degrees or higher kill digestive enzymes in food and this can cause indigestion. Raw and natural food items are the best way to get enzymes that you have lost after eating foods that have been cooked.

. As you prepare food for your children, it is crucial to consider what ingredients they will be consuming. You should take every opportunity to include vitamins and nutrients in their daily meals. A person should never take his good health for granted. Children who learn to eat healthly will continue to eat healthly as adults. For more information about Super foods for kids .

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