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Soldiers Benefit From Military International Calling Card Cell Phone Calls

Being a U.S. Service Member during the recent years means being on the move. Whether you are going out on patrols or traveling in convoys from one spot to another, Soldiers need to have the ability to utilize a Military Phone Card on their Cell Phones in order to stay in touch with those they love. Unlike at the start of Operation Enduring Freedom, soldiers are now able to utilize Cell Phones on most deployments.

By making the correct choices in cell phone and international calling card providers Soldiers can now call home at very low rates. However, not all long distance providers give you the lowest prices. Soldiers who are deployed to the Middle East and Europe have a small selection of cell phone and calling card providers.

Many Military International Calling Cards that are provided to Soldiers have hidden fees that Soldiers do not deserve. When a Soldier buys a phone card he/she should not have to worry about how many minutes they really bought. There are Companies out there that provide low-rate military calling cards for Soldiers to use on their cell phone, or any other phone, that have no hidden charges.

These Companies believe that our Soldiers are the backbone and guardians of our Country and they should get the very best rates in communication services. The advantages that soldiers can gain by using phone cards on their cell phones are countless. Soldiers can now let their loved ones know about upcoming R&R, possible redeployments and everything else important to their loved ones, immediately. Not only is it important for the Soldier to contact their family, it is equally important for family members to have the ability to contact a deployed Soldier when emergencies occur so that arrangements can be made for the soldier to return home if needed. If you were to ask a Soldier during the Gulf war what the chances of him/her using a cell phone while on deployment were, they would probably think you were crazy. Now that this great option is open it is important that Soldiers and family members are aware.

Once you find a Company that provides cheap calling cards that Soldiers can use on their cell phones make sure you let people know. Soldiers and family members can help stop the hidden rates of the monopolies and help bring in quality Military international calling card companies by spreading the word.

Brian Hawkins is an affiliate marketing manager for Pingos prepaid phone card affiliate program that provides clean military prepaid calling cards online at

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