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Take Advantage of Audio Books For Better Time Management

Many of my friends, regardless of whether they are working or busy at home taking care of kids, never have the time to sit down and read their favourite book. Work can tire you out as well and by the time you sit down, you just want to lie on your bed and start dozing off. Many of us buy a lot of books but never had the chance to complete reading the book and some did not even have the chance to take the book out from the shopping bag even! Does it sound familiar to you? We simply cannot find time to sit down and read a good book. This is not a good excuse and we all know it. Have you ever wondered why the successful people are always busy and yet accomplish more things than the average man? Their secret lies in good time management.

They maximize the use of their time even while they travel, jog or do other repetitive menial tasks that require less mental power. During these times, they practice active listening to enrich themselves using audio books. How is this possible? We can explain it by the analogy of riding a bicycle. When you are an experienced cyclist, you do not constantly think about how your legs should move and how your hands will turn. All these limb movements simply happen naturally, as if your subconscious mind is in control.

You conscious brain can work on something else in this respect. Audio books, being portable, fit in well with our modern day busy lifestyles. With an audio book, the narrator does the reading while the listener immerses himself in the information presented to him over voice and can still do other things.

Indeed, it is multitasking in action! In fact, audio books do offer other advantages over normal hardcover or paperback books. An obvious benefit is that they are more cost effective to produce than hardcover and paperbacks. Nature conservationists love books in audio format because it puts forth their notion to save more trees and keep planet Earth better than it is today. Unlike reading a book which requires lighting, listening to an audio book can be done in the dark.

This is ideal for settings where no lights are available or turning on lights might cause disturbances to those around you e.g. in air flights, camping tents and bedrooms at night.

Just imagine your spouse can have her good night sleep while you can still enjoy what the audio book you are listening and keeping you awake has to offer. While there is no great deal of time saved if you compare selecting the exact track you want to listen to flipping through several pages in the case of hardcover or paperback books, this functional feature should not be overlooked. It is only in darkness that one realizes its benefit lies in the ease of accessing the desired content to listen. And how about a change in the way you tell bedside stories to get your kids to sleep? With an audio book you can simply play it for them until they fall asleep. Try it, you can possibly save the time you spend reading to your kids each night before they sleep! Audio books that are specifically created for children are more fun than your reading can be. You probably were not trained to talk like the big bad wolf in the Little Red Riding Hood, right? But most of the narrators of children's audio books were trained to read in ways children love.

I can go on and on telling you the benefits of audio books as a way to make effective use of your "dead" time. If you just a minute to visualize this. With audio books you can now save that extra time you spend reading a chapter on your favorite motivational book each morning before you leave for work.

Apart from saving extra time, you are gaining extra knowledge in the process. You can simply put it on to play while you prepare for work or even play it in your car on your way to work. No wonder children, adults and even oldies have fallen head over heels in love with audio books. Why shouldn't they? You should as well.

Not only that, with the incredible advantage of listening to your favorite book instead of reading it, the popularity of audio books has now gone through the roof. There are now more and more book titles with audio book versions. Audio books are becoming a lucrative market for many working professionals, students and parents.

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