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Teen Parenting Advice For The Ages

You've often heard the expression when children reach their teen years that "it's payback time." Parents who caused angst to their own parents during these formulative years are now having to deal with teenagers themselves. While it may cause a chuckle or two in some conversations, the reality is, it's often times a serious and frustrating time and more to the point, a time of serious conflict.

Teen parenting advice in many cases isn't a simple matter of accepting someone else's opinion and taking it as a solution to a problem. Parenting a teen is a whole new "ball game" from parenting a toddler, the "goal posts" change and in the end, it's realising that some adjustments need to be made from the parent in both understanding and accepting that their teenager is growing into an adult and as a result, is developing independent views on life. Cast your mind back to when you were a teenager; didn't you want to grow up quickly and do things that adults did? I know I did and the more I was restricted the more rebellious I became.

Three Teen Parenting Advice Tips This article is not intended to solve the age old problems that exist with many teenagers and their parents but is more intended to offer some pragmatic teen parenting advice. Here are a few areas to consider: 1. Communication. this is undoubtedly where a lot of parent/teen relationships fall down.

Staying on the same page as a teenager is a challenge. You've been there before; you thought you knew it all. Remember, they are part of a different generation with different ideas and views and so encouraging them to talk with you is one thing but it's also important to let them know that you are a friend and not just a parent. Be a little understanding. 2.

Playing By The Rules. It seems a part of teenage culture that to be rebellious is cool. Peer pressure is such a strong factor that many children will shift focus and listen to their friends before listening to their parents. Teen parenting advice in this area is hard to give except that getting angry with your child for breaking one of the house rules can in most cases inflame the situation. Taking a more diplomatic approach and reinforcing in a calm way what's expected of your child while living under your roof is usually a better way to deal with it.

3. Being There For Your Child No Matter What. this is a fairly common piece of teen parenting advice but one that many parents overlook. Dependent on your record as a parent up until this stage of life, your child will generally look to you as a support base; someone they can rely on to be supportive despite any difference of opinion. Being there for them in a time of need will only strengthen their confidence and trust in you. The teen years have often been described as a person's most difficult.

It's a massive learning curve of life which can overwhelm a child making the transition to adulthood. It needs plenty of understanding on a parents part; be there as a guide rather than as an enforcer.

Dean Caporella is a professional broadcaster. Need some teen parenting advice? Get the latest information along with parenting news and reviews at:

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