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The Art Of Persistence

You are probably like most online surfers. You've seen opportunity after opportunity, and each one promises more than the other. Some of these are so tempting, that you have tried a few, shelling out your hard-earned dollars because you really believe that you had found the holy grail to online wealth. Your disappointment so far is almost palpable. You can taste the resentment in your mouth as you see the same deceptive ads appearing all over the net.

I know how you feel. Not too long ago I purchased a program online that promised an endless supply of $25.00 payments to my Paypal account.

Everything was explained, except one very important point. No one mentioned that I would have to find an endless supply of free advertising sites to place ads to and in fact, I was even encouraged to pay for ads too. I did not ask for a refund, but needless to say, I will not promote that programme because of the deception that I have found in it. Still, my dream of working online full-time is still alive and well. Why? You may ask, have I not given up even after many such incidents of unrealistic programs, deceptive advertisements and stupid business opportunities that did not work? The simple answer is this. "I cannot give up".

The moment I give up on my dreams, is the moment my passion will die, and I'll never allow my passion to die. Truth be told, not all business opportunities have been bad. Not all HYIP (High Yield Income Programs) have disappeared with my money. Over the last 3 years, I cashed many cheques from my online business ranging from $4.

00, to $250.00 to over $1000.00. They are not easy to find, and I had to persist, but they are out there and many people like you and I are using them to find online success. If I could give you one piece of advice, this is it. "Learn ALL you can about the type of online business you want to do.

Become an expert at one or two things. Don't try to be an expert at everything. Then when your expertise is good enough, you will start earning money online. Only then will you really deserve that money anyway.

That's because, only then would you have brought sufficient value to the market place for that market place to reward you." That's it. Never give up on your dreams. Get it rock solid in your mind.

Your desired outcome must be 100% desirable, or you'll quit when things get rough. Let that bitter taste in your mouth remind you of what you want to become, and you'll find the guts and the persistence to make it happen in spite of your paste failures.

Anthony Chambers markets affiliate programs online and actively encourages unconventional thinking inside and outside the box. Visit with Anthony at his website:

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